3 Things You Need to Know About Bones

Delighted by a Dino Bones from Jones Natural Chews

What three things could you possibly need to know about bones? There’s a lot I didn’t know before starting with Jones Natural Chews, and my former ignorance is mirrored in a lot of questions I get from friends and dog bloggers. It’s not a bad ignorance. You don’t know what you don’t know. So I’m … Read more3 Things You Need to Know About Bones

Jazz and Lyric

A Maltese with puppy eyes

Last week I spent time with Jazz and Lyric. Y’all might remember them from last year, when we talked about Jones Natural Chews Rib Rollers and Lamb Shanks. We also discussed anxiety in dogs. Jazz is a tiny rescued Yorkie, and Lyric is a tiny rescued Maltese, both loved by their mama more than they … Read moreJazz and Lyric

Rocky’s Rollers Flavors

Belle the Beagle waits for Jones

We’ll be announcing the winner of the BlogPaws swag at the end of today’s post, so stay tuned! And we’ll be talking about the Rocky’s Rollers flavors. Haven’t seen the Rocky’s Rollers in a store near you? That’s probably because they’re new dog treats from Jones Natural Chews. Jones works on making sure distributors know … Read moreRocky’s Rollers Flavors

Why Ducklings?

Chemo treatment makes me sleep JUST LIKE THIS

Every year at BlogPaws I’m asked the same question about a million times – Why do you have *insert type of baby fowl here* at BlogPaws, in a Jones Natural Chews dog treat booth? This year it was Why Ducklings? Allow me to show andĀ tell. If you’ve been here long, you probably already know. šŸ˜‰ … Read moreWhy Ducklings?

What’s in a Treat?

Aussie gnaws lamb femur

What’s in a treat? Rather, are all treats created equal? There have beenĀ a lot of small treat companies coming up the last few years. Good companies run by good people. Quite a few, the ones I’m aware of, making cookies, or biscuits. Different ingredients, different grains. Treats the owners could make at home when they … Read moreWhat’s in a Treat?

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