What’s in a Treat?

Aussie gnaws lamb femur

What’s in a treat? Rather, are all treats created equal? There have been a lot of small treat companies coming up the last few years. Good companies run by good people. Quite a few, the ones I’m aware of, making cookies, or biscuits. Different ingredients, different grains. Treats the owners could make at home when they … Read moreWhat’s in a Treat?

Curly Q vs. Cutie Q

Disapproving Poodle Disapproves

Someone smack me. This month’s featured new treat is the Cutie Q. I wrote an entire post last week about the Curly Q, an existing treat from Jones Natural Chews. The packages I received were clearly marked. Like so. But the Jones website Product page has yet to be updated. My bad. So I thought … Read moreCurly Q vs. Cutie Q

Is Your Dog Getting the Best Treats?

An all natural little dog

Check out the Jones Natural Chews facebook page for updates from the Westminster Dog Show! Is your dog getting the best treats? How do you know what the best treats are? I could just tell you that Jones Natural Chews are the best treats and be done, but how do you know? And is there … Read moreIs Your Dog Getting the Best Treats?

At the Dog Show, FBM 111

Dog agility events ROCK

Today I’m at the dog show! The Westminster Dog Show in New York City! If you’re not already following me @Joneschews on Twitter, and on the Jones Natural Chews FaceCrack page, you totally should be! Because I left my laptop at home and will only be updating there until Thursday. 🙂 Until then, enjoy these … Read moreAt the Dog Show, FBM 111

The Cutest Ugly Dog

Brussels Griffon - ugly or cute?

We’ve been having a contest here at Casa de Pulga – Who’s the Cutest Ugly Dog? Gadget and Honey have been visiting. Honey is just plain adorable, no ugly about her Shih Tzu self. But Gadget? He and Chewy have been battling it out for the cutest ugly dog championship. Valentine’s Day is upon us, … Read moreThe Cutest Ugly Dog

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