Dogs Love Jones

Christmas goes to the dogs

Several of my friends, locally, gave their dogs Jones for Christmas. These friends were generous enough to share their Christmas photos with me. So I’m sharing them with you! Dogs love Jones Natural Chews. How could they not love the all natural, made in the USA goodness? Let’s say hi to some beauties! These two … Read more


Anxious about Christmas

One more sleep till Santa comes! Are you excited! Or is this a tough time of year for you? Are you totally disenfranchised and have given up on Christmas magic? Or is it ONE MORE SLEEP?! We’re in the middle of both. Christmas is tough for our family for a variety of reasons. But for … Read more

Center Bones or Knee Caps?

Bella and her bone

Every Tasty Tuesday (thanks to KolĀ and Sugar), I write about the featured treats for the month. It’s a really fun part of my job, writing about the treats, since I love them so, as do my dogs. Today, though, and in December, we’re discussing the Canine Christmas Cruncher stocking, which is filled with five glorious … Read more

Frenchies Love the Hoof

Beauty and the Hoof

My friend, Colleen, has the most adorable French Bulldog and Boston Terrier you’ve ever seen, Ginger and Dixie. Colleen lives in Virginia and was asking where she could find Jones Natural Chews near her. Honey, there are Tractor Supply stores all OVER Virginia. So Colleen found some Hooves and Center Bones. Then sent me photos. … Read more

Don’t Take My Jones!

Intimidating Terrier

What happens when you take a dog’s Jones Natural Chews? This! Chewy is a fierce little creature. He LOVES his Jones chews. Sometimes he persuades the Hunny to take his side if he feels I’m not giving him enough treats. But as possessive of his treats as Chewy is, pop over and see how Kol … Read more

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