Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes, FBM 246

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Dogs wearing Halloween costumes videos today!

Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes Happy Funny Bone Monday! We’re just going to have one video today before announcing the winner of the Stuffed Hooves from Jones Natural Chews, but it’s a longer video. Because tomorrow is Halloween, the video is dogs wearing Halloween costumes! People are so creative, y’all. I don’t dress my dogs, mostly … Read more

Juggling Flaming Torches

Roy G. Biv, the name tag said

Juggling Flaming Torches Some days are smooth sailing. Other days are like juggling flaming torches. Know what I mean? Then there are months of juggling flaming torches. I’d rather be juggling Stuffed Hooves, quite frankly. Twenty five years ago I learned to juggle. Thankfully, the clown teaching me used squares of tulle, which is light … Read more

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