Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway

Buck takes a Lambly Link from Jones Natural Chews

Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway It’s October, which means that Jones Natural Chews is once again giving some lucky dog their very own dog treat bucket, the Bow Wow Boo Bucket! This is one of my favorite perennial giveaways, since it has nine delicious, meaty treats inside, and the bucket is reusable for trick or treating! … Read more

Liver Logs, New from Jones Natural Chews Giveaway

Liver Logs - the newest all natural dog treat from Jones Natural Chews

Liver Logs, New from Jones Natural Chews Today is a beautiful combination of two special things – a Tuesday giveaway and Talk Like a Pirate Day! The bulk of this post will be about Jones Natural Chews new Liver Logs (which your dog will smile about), but let’s take a second to recognize my favorite … Read more

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