What Exactly is The Other Ear?

Did I hear the treat bag open? Treat face

What Exactly Is the Other Ear? A few years back, Jones rolled out The Other Ear at Global. I hovered and listened, wondering what the heck it was. Take a look: Turns out the Other Ear is the pig chin. Pig ears were becoming more difficult to obtain at a decent cost and still be able to … Read more

Treats Dogs Love, Naturally

Kato Jack "nose" what's best

Treats Dogs Love Valentine’s Day is coming, so it’s important to find treats dogs love for your pooch. Fortunately, that’s easy enough to do. Dogs eat just about anything, right? But not all of those treats are actually good for your dog. You’re in luck, though, because I know of treats dogs love that are … Read more

Valentine Dog Treats, Giveaway

Valentine Dog Treats Jones Natural Chews has Valentine dog treats. How cool is that? And today we’re hosting a giveaway for one lucky dog! Take a look at the adorable canister the treats come in, then I’ll tell you all about them. First, I love this canister because I can continue to store loose treats … Read more

One Bone to Rule Them All

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

One Bone to Rule Them All There really is one bone to rule them all. It’s quiet in my home this morning. I have four dogs – two 55 pound seniors and two 13 pound lap dogs. They’re all noisy creatures. But not today, thanks to the 2″ Natural Center Bone from Jones Natural Chews. … Read more

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