GIVEAWAY: Stockings for Santa’s Four-Legged Helpers

The holiday season is here, full of potlucks and parties galore. For us humans, that means inevitably eating one too many of Santa’s cookies. For our furry family members, this can mean filling up on extra table scraps. Our guests can’t help it, our four-legged friends are just too cute to ignore when they beg … Read more

Flea’s Favorite Jones Natural Chews Treats

Cindy asks for more Jones Natural Chews

Flea’s Favorite Jones Natural Chews Treats A couple of these will be a surprise to no one who’s read this blog frequently. Today we’re covering my favorite Jones Natural Chews treats! I have a question for y’all to think on – what’s YOUR favorite Jones Natural Chews treat? Or, if you’d rather, what’s your dog’s … Read more

Giveaway and Blog Changes Coming Soon

Waya's ice blue eyes are entrancing - blog changes

Giveaway and Blog Changes Coming Soon Change – I hate change, y’all, but sometimes it’s for the best. I need to let y’all know about some giveaway and blog changes happening soon, as in this week. Good changes, I’m pretty darn sure. In the five and a half years I’ve blogged for Jones Natural Chews, I’ve … Read more

Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees

Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees It’s no secret that I’m moving to the country soon. Soon-ish. Hopefully. There’s always a delay. And we’re prepping for that move, purchasing things which we’ll need. Recently we purchased a rugged type of golf cart for maneuvering on our ten acres with bags of feed. No way am I … Read more

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