Giant Schnauzers Love Jones

Oklahoma Giants Giant Shcnauzer Caesar

Giant Schnauzers Love Jones I can’t say definitively that every dog breed loves Jones Natural Chews. Not until I’ve met each breed and offered them treats. Which is my ultimate goal in life. Seriously. But this weekend I met four Giant Schnauzers and offered them all Jones treats. I can now say that Giant Schnauzers … Read more

Happy Dogs, FBM 221

Happy dogs love Jones Natural Chews!

Happy Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! A friend tagged me, on Facebook, in a fantastic dog video which I just had to share, and it prompted today’s theme – happy dogs! Because who doesn’t love a happy dog? Y’all, meet Stella, quite possibly the happiest dog in the world. I just LOVE this video! Happy … Read more

Those Ice Blue Eyes

Waya's ice blue eyes are entrancing

Those Ice Blue Eyes They captivate me, those ice blue eyes. I’m talking about Waya, the beautiful dog I brought treats to last week. Say hello to Waya and the large Strap Stick. It’s Wordless Wedneday over at BlogPaws (join the blog hop), but you know I’m never wordless. I do try to take advantage … Read more

Rainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

Affenpinscher puppy is not a rainy day dog

Rainy Day Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s Rainy Day Dogs are a tribute to my own senior dogs last night. It stormed all night long – thunder and lightning, bright and loud. Flash and Patches paced and panted till Hunny put them in the bathroom so he could sleep. Storms are tough on old … Read more

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