Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Focus on the all natural dog treat from Jones Natural Chews, little Shih Tzu

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness Today’s giveaway shall bring happiness to dogs. Thus decrees the Good Flea. Y’all, our Frank n Woofer giveaway will make your dog smile nine ways to Sunday. Why? Because our Frank n Woofer is GOOOOOOOD. Don’t believe me? Ask Buster. Let’s find out what the Frank n Woofer is made … Read more

Kevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway

Kevin's Bully Bone Giveaway

Kevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway Kevin is a beautiful white Boxer. Kevin is having his very own Bully Bone giveaway. Kevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway is what your dog is all about. First, meet the Bully Bone. What’s a Bully Bone? The Bully Bone is every small to medium size dog’s dream chew come true. There are … Read more

Saint Bernard, Breed of the Week

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard, Breed of the Week Today’s breed of the week is the Saint Bernard. I do my best to get photos of every dog I highlight here, but I only have one awful photo of a Saint Bernard. He’s a handsome boy with an unusual name, and he looked  like his fur was shaved … Read more

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