GIVEAWAY: Stockings for Santa’s Four-Legged Helpers

The holiday season is here, full of potlucks and parties galore. For us humans, that means inevitably eating one too many of Santa’s cookies. For our furry family members, this can mean filling up on extra table scraps. Our guests can’t help it, our four-legged friends are just too cute to ignore when they beg … Read more

Lamb Lung Puffs and a Giveaway

Lamb Lung Puffs are on every dogs wish list!

Lamb Lung Puffs My apologies for not posting yesterday. If you’ve ever moved and sold a house, you know the special Hell I’m going through. We closed on our house yesterday and are temporarily homeless (i.e. – living with my mom for a few week while waiting to close on a property elsewhere). So when … Read more

Lap Chickens

Lap chickens Mary Ann and Ginger have a morning snack

Lap Chickens I’m feeling nostalgic today, y’all. We’re readying our house to move. It’s like a show home! And in the process, we rehomed our hens. They went back to their original home for breeding. So I’m missing my lap chickens. Granted, I currently have a duck and three large goslings roaming (and pooping prolifically … Read more

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

Bully N Beef from Jones Natural Chews,

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef Jones Natural Chews is giving one lucky dog one of their newer treats, the Bully N Beef Wrap! Last summer I was fortunate enough to house Louie the French Dog, exclusive model for The French Dog haute couture for lucky pups, so was able to catch him in the … Read more

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