Lap Chickens

Lap chickens Mary Ann and Ginger have a morning snack

Lap Chickens I’m feeling nostalgic today, y’all. We’re readying our house to move. It’s like a show home! And in the process, we rehomed our hens. They went back to their original home for breeding. So I’m missing my lap chickens. Granted, I currently have a duck and three large goslings roaming (and pooping prolifically … Read more

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

Bully N Beef from Jones Natural Chews,

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef Jones Natural Chews is giving one lucky dog one of their newer treats, the Bully N Beef Wrap! Last summer I was fortunate enough to house Louie the French Dog, exclusive model for The French Dog haute couture for lucky pups, so was able to catch him in the … Read more

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