Saint Bernard, Breed of the Week

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard, Breed of the Week Today’s breed of the week is the Saint Bernard. I do my best to get photos of every dog I highlight here, but I only have one awful photo of a Saint Bernard. He’s a handsome boy with an unusual name, and he looked ┬álike his fur was shaved … Read more

A Craigslist Cautionary Tale

Handsome boy, but a Craigslist dog

A Craigslist Cautionary Tale I recently heard a Craigslist cautionary tale. I just hope I do this story justice. I’d like to tell you about a dog who didn’t care for Jones Natural Chews pig ears as much as his siblings. In fact, his little sister ate his. Little Drake, a black lab, was a … Read more

Braided Stix, the Perfect Treat (Giveaway)

Braided Stix, the Perfect Treat The Braided Stix from Jones Natural Chews is billed as being a great treat for any sized dog. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s especially great for small dogs. Truly, the Braided Stix is great for medium and large sized dogs, but for little dogs? … Read more

Bully Bacon Twist Giveaway

Pork skins and Bully Sticks

Bully Bacon Twist Jones Natural Chews is giving away one of their newest treats, the Bully Bacon Twist. Wanna see it? First, back your dog away from the computer or their drool will short circuit something. And yes, you read that right. Some lucky dog is going to win this yummy new treat! Let me … Read more

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