Dog Anxiety

Jazz the Yorkshire Terrier

I met a little dog this weekend who suffered from great anxiety. Two words are important here, I think – little and great. Jazz the Yorkie is eight pounds of little. Her anxiety was great, or extreme. Her mom tells me that Jazz would “freak and hide” at odd noises. She also “took two years … Read moreDog Anxiety

A Night of Disaster

Night of disaster preceded by day of chicken

I didn’t hear about the fertilizer plant in West, Texas until the sirens woke me near midnight. Actually, my teenagers woke me near midnight to tell me that the sirens were going off. Then the dog, who was asleep on my bed (Hunny is out of town), let me know that there was bad weather … Read moreA Night of Disaster

Springtime Dog Maintenance

Debonair Dog - Favorite dog photos with Jones Natural Chews

Isn’t that a silly title? As if your dog is a car and needs a tune up or an oil change. Seriously, though, have you given thought to your springtime dog maintenance? What’s that, you say? What on earth does that mean? Most of us probably do this without thinking about it as springtime dog … Read moreSpringtime Dog Maintenance

How Many Dogs is Enough?

Pretty Aussie mixes shed A LOT

GIVEAWAY ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! CLICK AND COMMENT  FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! How many dogs is enough? Too many? Can one have enough dogs? Are there crazy dog people, like crazy cat ladies? Or crazy chicken ladies? *ahem* Most of y’all know we have two dogs. For twelve years we had one dog, our … Read moreHow Many Dogs is Enough?

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