3 Reasons to Choose Jones Natural Chews

Sugar the Golden is in treat heaven! Do you know how much to give your dog when it comes to treats?

First, yes, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, we had vicious storms last night. Yes, we hid in the closet for about 30 seconds. And yes, we’re all fine. Our hearts go out to the family that lost a member in Sand Springs. And no, we didn’t see any sharks. I was so disappointed. Second, … Read more3 Reasons to Choose Jones Natural Chews

Sketch Guru

Pencil Sketch Affen in Sketch Guru

Do you use any phone editing apps when you take photos with your phone? I’m not a photographer. I don’t have a fancy camera anymore. I just use my little iPhone, and I’m sure it’s obvious. And I love the editing apps. Instagram is my go-to for all photos which show up here on the … Read moreSketch Guru

5 Tips for Fighting Holiday Depression

Soulful Basset Hound

Depression is common this time of year. Beginning about now, on until spring, and especially at Christmas time, the Black Dog of depression rears its ugly head for many people, dragging them under for long spells. There are quite a few ways to fight holiday depression, including owning a dog or cat, and some things … Read more5 Tips for Fighting Holiday Depression

Can a Grooming Soap Stop Shedding?

Handsome Rat Terrier

Can a grooming soap stop shedding? Let’s find out.  And yes, today I announce the winner of the Jones treats. If you didn’t win, you can still head to Emma’s blog for a try at winning yummy Lamb Lung Puffs or Windee Rings. But y’all, this soap … Max the Rat Terrier is with us until … Read moreCan a Grooming Soap Stop Shedding?

Leaving the Dogs for a Week

A man and his chicken

I’ll be leaving the dogs for a week, beginning next week. Shoot, I’ll be leaving everyone for a week. So the question becomes, what do I do about all of my critters while I’m gone? Leaving the dogs shouldn’t be a big deal, right? There are four other people living in the house. Four responsible … Read moreLeaving the Dogs for a Week

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