Can a Grooming Soap Stop Shedding?

Handsome Rat Terrier

Can a grooming soap stop shedding? Let’s find out.  And yes, today I announce the winner of the Jones treats. If you didn’t win, you can still head to Emma’s blog for a try at winning yummy Lamb Lung Puffs or Windee Rings. But y’all, this soap … Max the Rat Terrier is with us until … Read more

Leaving the Dogs for a Week

A man and his chicken

I’ll be leaving the dogs for a week, beginning next week. Shoot, I’ll be leaving everyone for a week. So the question becomes, what do I do about all of my critters while I’m gone? Leaving the dogs shouldn’t be a big deal, right? There are four other people living in the house. Four responsible … Read more

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