Beef Knuckles for Dogs

Beef Knuckles for Dogs from Jones Natural Chews

Beef Knuckles for Dogs Beef knuckles for dogs – are they right for your dog? We’ll look at several factors today. Size of your dog Splintering factor Additives Allergies Teeth sensitivity If you’re wondering why, given any factors, you should give your dogs bones, they provide excellent dental benefits, as well as great satisfaction for … Read more

Dogs Love Bones, Naturally

Tiny dog, big bone - he's in love

Dogs Love Bones That’s a fact. Dogs love bones. Maybe not all dogs, but most. People don’t typically gnaw on bones the way dogs do, so it might seem a little weird. But it’s just a dog thing. Dogs love bones. And Jones Natural Chews knows what dogs love. We’re currently featuring, and hosting a … Read more

Senior Dogs Rock

A sweet senior Aussie

Senior Dogs I have two senior dogs. Flash and Patches are nearly 15 years old. In fact, their birthday was just a month after I brought home a puppy, poor dears. And I worry about my senior dogs. Am I doing right by them? So I set out to discover how to make their quality … Read more

Dog Father’s Day

Waiting for a treat

Dog Father’s Day Father’s Day is this weekend, and most of us have spayed and neutered pups, so a dog Father’s Day might sound a little silly. But what if your dog had a driver’s license, or surfed the internets, and wanted to get you a Father’s Day gift? What would your dog buy? Indulge me. … Read more

5 Reasons to Supervise Your Dogs During Chew Time

5 Reasons to Supervise Dogs During Chew Time

5 Reasons to Supervise Your Dogs During Chew Time Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging, is today’s guest blogger. She brings us 5 reasons to supervise your dogs during chew time. Rodrigo is an a-hole.  I love my dog, I love all of my dogs.  But I must be honest about … Read more

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