Senior Dogs Rock

A sweet senior Aussie

Senior Dogs I have two senior dogs. Flash and Patches are nearly 15 years old. In fact, their birthday was just a month after I brought home a puppy, poor dears. And I worry about my senior dogs. Am I doing right by them? So I set out to discover how to make their quality … Read more

Dog Father’s Day

Waiting for a treat

Dog Father’s Day Father’s Day is this weekend, and most of us have spayed and neutered pups, so a dog Father’s Day might sound a little silly. But what if your dog had a driver’s license, or surfed the internets, and wanted to get you a Father’s Day gift? What would your dog buy? Indulge me. … Read more

5 Reasons to Supervise Your Dogs During Chew Time

5 Reasons to Supervise Dogs During Chew Time

5 Reasons to Supervise Your Dogs During Chew Time Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging, is today’s guest blogger. She brings us 5 reasons to supervise your dogs during chew time. Rodrigo is an a-hole.  I love my dog, I love all of my dogs.  But I must be honest about … Read more

Dog Grooming in Spring

Dog grooming

Dog Grooming Dog grooming is a specialized skill. You may not agree, but roll with me here. Grooming a dog properly takes time and energy. Larger dogs are a handful just to get wet and soapy, then rinse (which is why we use Chubbs bars). There’s nail trimming, ear cleaning, fur trimming (if it’s the … Read more

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