Dog Father’s Day

Waiting for a treat

Dog Father’s Day Father’s Day is this weekend, and most of us have spayed and neutered pups, so a dog Father’s Day might sound a little silly. But what if your dog had a driver’s license, or surfed the internets, and wanted to get you a Father’s Day gift? What would your dog buy? Indulge me. … Read more

5 Reasons to Supervise Your Dogs During Chew Time

5 Reasons to Supervise Dogs During Chew Time

5 Reasons to Supervise Your Dogs During Chew Time Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging, is today’s guest blogger. She brings us 5 reasons to supervise your dogs during chew time. Rodrigo is an a-hole.  I love my dog, I love all of my dogs.  But I must be honest about … Read more

Dog Grooming in Spring

Dog grooming

Dog Grooming Dog grooming is a specialized skill. You may not agree, but roll with me here. Grooming a dog properly takes time and energy. Larger dogs are a handful just to get wet and soapy, then rinse (which is why we use Chubbs bars). There’s nail trimming, ear cleaning, fur trimming (if it’s the … Read more

Spring Storms and Dogs

How cancer effects my senior dogs

Spring Storms and Dogs It’s that time of year, when spring storms and dogs collide. Specifically senior dogs. Here in northeastern Oklahoma, spring is exciting! Thrilling! Storm-filled! I awoke this morning to howling winds and dark skies. And panting senior Aussie mixes. No, there was no tornado threat this morning, but we’ve already had several … Read more

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