How Do I Know When It’s Time?

Loving her Basset Hound

How Do I Know When It’s Time? Flash and Patches went to the vet last week. Their joints hurt. They pant all the time. They’re 15 years old. I’ve never been this far along in the aging journey with a dog, so I asked the vet, “How do I know when it’s time?” First she … Read more

How To Get a Sponsor

How do you get a sponsor for a conference?

How To Get a Sponsor Today’s post, How To Get a Sponsor, is gently recycled. Jones Natural Chews is sending me to learn and network at BlogHer, a blogging conference for women, in a couple of weeks. Yesterday we talked about back to back conferences. They’re expensive, between tickets, hotel, travel and food, and it … Read more

The Dog Equivalent of Coffee

Never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose

The Dog Equivalent of Coffee I don’t start in the mornings without coffee. In fact, I used the last of the coffee yesterday. That’s right, folks – I’m blogging without caffeine. Which got me thinking – what’s the dog equivalent of coffee? Bear with me. Thinking is a little difficult this morning. No coffee and … Read more

Of Corgis and Fleas, Of Course

Welsh Corgi pups

Of Corgis and Fleas Y’all, I mentioned my friend Karen here yesterday, she who raises Corgis (corgis without fleas). What I did not tell you all is that Karen is one of my oldest online friends since I began blogging ten years ago. We have a tremendous amount in common, including her love of chickens. … Read more

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