The Many Faces of BlogPaws

Fluffy Oz and Flat Sugar pose with the Good Flea

Happy Wordless Wednesday! I brought someone’s head cold back from BlogPaws (if someone I met is missing their cold, please contact me immediately and I’ll overnight it to you), so in the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, today’s post is the many faces of BlogPaws! Honestly, there’s not enough time or blog space to get through … Read moreThe Many Faces of BlogPaws

Ducklings at BlogPaws

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

I’m home from a wild adventure! I met plenty of new people and dogs, as well as other pets, at BlogPaws in Nashville. And this year the Jones Natural Chews booth made lots of new friends. We had ducklings. Who doesn’t love ducklings?! So yes, there were ducklings at BlogPaws. We got the same question … Read moreDucklings at BlogPaws

BlogPaws Meet’n’Greet

Big Things Planned - Louie the French Dog at BlogPaws

Welcome to Nashville!! Jones Natural Chews will be updating Twitter and Facebook from BlogPaws! Today I’ll just be running a few photos by you. First? Driving through Nashville in pouring rain, this place caught my eye. Laura and I set up the booth last night. We saw plenty of dogs at the BlogPaws meet’n’greet. And … Read moreBlogPaws Meet’n’Greet

Why You Should Attend Blog Paws

Amazing dog trio at Blog Paws

Let’s talk, today, about why you should attend Blog Paws. Here we are, two weeks out from the biggest dog blogging conference in the country every year, and I’m asking the question – are you attending Blog Paws 2015 in Nashville?! There are great posts on other blogs about what to bring and wear if you’re … Read moreWhy You Should Attend Blog Paws

We Haven’t Seen Jim In Awhile …


I realized, at two AM, when my brain wouldn’t shut off, that the Blog Paws conference is right around the corner. That got me thinking about the conference. Which got me thinking about Jim. We haven’t seen Jim in a while … Why did that get me thinking about Jim? The Blog Paws conference – … Read moreWe Haven’t Seen Jim In Awhile …

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