What Does All Natural Mean?

Is that a Jones Natural Chew? What does all natural mean?

What Does All Natural Mean? Today’s post is gently recycled, but I’ll be amending parts to reflect my and my dogs’ journey since writing. This is one of my first blog posts, in celebration of our five year blogging anniversary. I’ve battled cancer since then, and am on a different health journey now. But I … Read more

Dog Treat Recipe Using JNC Chews

Windee Ring Pops for Dogs - dog treat recipe

Dog Treat Recipe Using Jones Natural Chews Dog treat recipe using Jones Natural Chews? SHUT. UP. Who ever thought of such a thing? Clearly, this person is a freakin’ GENIUS. I mean, my dogs already fight over Windees and pig ears. Just yesterday I accidentally dropped the last pig ear and you’d have thought WWII … Read more

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