Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply

Flea-isms - dogs need to apply

Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply I’ve been on a Flea-ism kick lately, but dogs need to apply. Actually, I only have two Flea-isms. I’ll show you in a second. But I’d like to build a small library of Flea-isms. I need ones for dogs, right? See, so dogs need to apply. Take a look … Read more

Farm Dogs Love Jones

Great Pyr with a bone from Jones Natural Chews - National Dog Day

Farm Dogs Love Jones Natural Chews Farm dogs love Jones Natural Chews. It’s a proven fact. And they get a little touchy when you forget the Jones. I took my first road trip in months this weekend. It was only an hour and a half away, but we visited our homesteading friends and I brought … Read more

New Year, More Coffee

What do you mean we're out of coffee?!

New Year, More Coffee It’s a new year! Everyone is talking about how bad last year was, and yeah, horrid things happened to some people. Horrid things happen to people every year. Shoot, I had cancer and was treated all year long, but it was still a great year for me. Stop your whining. Brew … Read more

BarkWorld – My First Conference

Ballerina Bulldog at BarkWorld

BarkWorld – My First Conference BarkWorld was my first conference for dogs. It’s happening again this week, still in Atlanta, and today’s is a gently recycled post. I’ve learned a lot about dogs and conferences since this one. And I’m missing the conference this year. Karen Dibert, of the French Dog Etsy shop, will be … Read more

Economy Got You Down?

Economy Got You Down? http://dogtreatweb.com

Economy Got You Down? Has the economy got you down? Lay off? Long term unemployment? Things super tight? How do you care for your dog when you can barely care for yourself and your family? My Hunny was laid off yesterday. One of 800 people on campuses like his around the country, and we’re hurting … Read more

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