Dog Treat Recipe Using JNC Chews

Windee Ring Pops for Dogs - dog treat recipe

Dog Treat Recipe Using Jones Natural Chews Dog treat recipe using Jones Natural Chews? SHUT. UP. Who ever thought of such a thing? Clearly, this person is a freakin’ GENIUS. I mean, my dogs already fight over Windees and pig ears. Just yesterday I accidentally dropped the last pig ear and you’d have thought WWII … Read more

How the Good Flea Got Her Name

The Good Flea in her Jones Natural Chews jacket

How the Good Flea Got Her Name Memory is a dangerous thing. Especially when it doesn’t work correctly. I am going to tell the story of how the Good Flea got her name, but part of it is my childhood memories, the other part stories as they were told me by third parties, years later. … Read more

Of Corgis and Fleas, Of Course

Welsh Corgi pups

Of Corgis and Fleas Y’all, I mentioned my friend Karen here yesterday, she who raises Corgis (corgis without fleas). What I did not tell you all is that Karen is one of my oldest online friends since I began blogging ten years ago. We have a tremendous amount in common, including her love of chickens. … Read more

All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small do not belong in my house

All Creatures Great and Small All creatures great and small is gently recycled. Summer is coming! Do you know, yet, what you’ll do to protect your animals and home from bad bugs? Well. It seems the homemade fly trap post yesterday struck a chord with people. It seems many of us have something in common. … Read more

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