Jones Natural Chews

Family and friend

Jones Natural Chews Jones Natural Chews! Instead of talking about treats today, I’d like to tell you a little about Jones Natural Chews, the company. First, how did the Jones family come into the meat business? The Jones history as meat cutters and butchers in the USA can be traced back fifteen decades to Stephen … Read moreJones Natural Chews

Sad Times

Sad Affen

It’s been a long time since I’ve absolutely been at a loss as to what to write. Yesterday and today definitely count as losses. I don’t know how your home works, but we have our fair share of doomsday declarers and paranoid conspiracy theorists. Typically I don’t let it bother me. I just know I … Read moreSad Times

Z is for Zoomies, A to Z Challenge

Gimme the treats

Sorry I’m late posting. Z had me stumped. Then it hit me – Z is for Zoomies! And probably every other dog blogger out there is thinking the same thing, right? I’ve been unique enough this month. We’re going with zoomies. Chewy is a zoomie master. You’d think I’d catch it on video, but he’s … Read moreZ is for Zoomies, A to Z Challenge

Y is for Yet, A to Z Challenge

Explaining things to the Affenpinscher puppy

We’re almost there!! Today is Y is for Yet in the A to Z Challenge! SO CLOSE! And why Yet? Let’s begin with Tasty Tuesday, and, “Is it time for another giveaway YET?” And, “Is it the end of April YET?” And, “Is it Blog Paws YET?” And, “Has Chewy grown into his uber cool … Read moreY is for Yet, A to Z Challenge

W and X are for Weird X Rays (and WABBIT!)

Rabbit Jerky, a treat to make dogs smile

Our A to Z Challenge is nearly over, and today’s W and X are Weird X Rays! Oh, and Wabbit! I promised Emma, see. She loves Jones’ Wabbit Jerky. I’m actually dedicating today’s post to Jen, at My Brown Newfies, and her handsome rock eating Leroy, as well as Jackie, at Pooch Smooches, whose first … Read moreW and X are for Weird X Rays (and WABBIT!)

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