Calling All Winners of Treats

Calling All Winners of Treats

Calling All Winners of Treats

Jones Natural Chews has been giving away their delicious, all natural, all USA grown and made treats here on this blog for nearly five years. Five years! So I’m calling all winners of treats – tell me what you thought!

Often I hear back from a winner letting me know that their treats arrived. Sometimes someone will tell me how much their dog enjoyed our treats. I love these emails! Thank you! Today I’m hoping to hear back, publicly, from dogs who’ve entered our treat giveaways and won.

Calling all winners of treats from Jones Natural Chews!
Rocky, the mascot of Jones Natural Chews, loves to give good dogs treats! He’s calling all winners of treats to tell us what your dog got from Rocky and what it thought of the treats!

Initially I thought I’d walk y’all through all of the treats we’ve given away in almost five years. I quickly realized that it would be a million word post, since we’ve given away everything we have at least once. So I’m calling all winners to tell me in their own words.

Hey! Don't take my treat!
“Hey! Hey! My own words? DON’T TAKE MY TREAT!”

What Kinds of Treats Do We Give Away?

I’m so glad you asked. I can illustrate that without detailing every blessed treat on the menu. We give away bones:

A Mammoth Bone for a mammoth chewer
The Mammoth Bones are my favorite! Looks like sombody resurrected the dinosaurs just so Jones Natural Chews could make the best chews EVER!

We give away taffies and jerkies:

Rabbit jerky? Yes!
Chicken jerky, beef jerky, venison jerky and rabbit jerky ALL make dogs smile!

\We give away burgers (we’re currently giving away burgers):

Bark Burgers, the latest from Jones Natural Chews
Patches is half blind now. She snatches the Bark Burger from my hand and nearly takes off my fingers. Then begs for more.

We give away ligaments (Strap Sticks):

Happy Giant Schnauzers love the Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews
This Giant Schnauzer loves the Strap Sticks from Jones!

We give away wind pipes of cows (Windees):

Senior dogs love Windees from Jones Natural Chews - helps alleviate joint pain in dogs
Senior dogs love Windees – full of glucosamine and chondroitin!

We give away toenails of cows (Hooves):

Jones Natural Chews Hooves make dogs smile
The best outdoor chew your dog will ever gnaw on – the Hoof

We give away lungs (Lamb Lung Puffs are like crack for dogs):

When dogs fight over treats
Cow and Matilda tried our Lamb Lung Puffs and liked them

We give away gift sets:

Kato Jack and the Table - For Love of a Treat
Kato Jack loves the gift sets – especially the Wuv You Treats full of jerky and taffy

Oh my dog – this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many bones! So many taffies and jerkies! So many treats! So all I’m asking is for your stories. I collect stories. I’d love to hear yours. I’m calling all winners of treats – what did your dog think of its treats?


And in return? I give you the opportunity to win even MORE treats for your dog! Right now our giveaway is Bark Burgers – a yummy beef or chicken treat your dog is sure to beg for. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, comment on the new post which will pop up, then click the entry box and click, “I Commented”. Easy. Your dog will smile. And so will you.

So tell me your stories! I’m calling all winners of treats – what did your dog make of its prize? Thank you. 🙂

Spreading the good chews …


11 thoughts on “Calling All Winners of Treats

  1. I’ve won treats over the years and my dogs go nuts for them. Favorite is the crown knuckle

  2. Layla loves winning especially your treats, actually when a box arrives she is all jumpy trying to get into it to see what it is, oy vey if it is something for me then I have to treat her LOL.

  3. my girls love the softer treats, like the venison and beef sticks, which they love. they also love the bark burgers and there is another round beef chew they love as well. they love the rabbit and venison jerky too. my dental vet does not allow them to have really hard chews, especially the youngest b/c she has a front tooth that has had gum graphing twice, and she will eventually lose it.

  4. We (Shiloh & Shasta) won the Wuv You Treats last year – thinking about it now is kind of bittersweet as it was one of the last things that Shiloh would eat – it really made me feel good to see him eating one of these treats – he was not eating much of anything, not even real chicken. I am going to need to introduce Miss Maizie to Jones Natural Dog Treats – Lady Shasta loves the Windees and the Pork treats.
    Mom Kim

    • I’m so glad to hear that Shiloh was a fan till the end. The taffies and jerkies are great for senior dog teeth, since they’re easy to chew. They won out over real chicken, huh? Now that’s impressive.

  5. We haven’t won any of your contests yet, but we are still hopeful! My dogs love your bones the best – yes my dogs want to jump your BONES, LOL!! We’ll keep trying. We hope to see you at the BlogPaws conference
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
    Cathy Armato recently posted..Tiptoe Through The TulipsMy Profile

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