Bully Stick Giveaway Your Dog Will Love

Bully Stick Giveaway Your Dog Will Love

A Bully Stick Giveaway Your Dog Will Love

Today we roll out and give away the last of the Jones Natural Chews new treats for this year – the Bully N Bacon! This is a Bully Stick giveaway your dog will love! I know, I know. You’re asking the same thing I did. How is the Bully N Bacon any different from the Bully Bacon Twist? Let’s do a photo comparison.
Bully Bacon Twists vs Bully N Bacon

The Bully N Bacon is a larger treat. Almost twice the size of the Bully Bacon Twist. There’s much more bacon, but about the same amount of bully, with the bully being Jones’ Cutie Q. But the ingredients are the same – an all natural pork skin wrapped around an all natural bully stick. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Jones Natural Chews has to say about the Bully N Bacon:

The Bully N Bacon is a decadent two-in-one treat that will make your dog smile twice as wide! If your little one is having bacon withdrawals, this is the perfect combination, especially as it is great for all size dogs. This yummy chew has a curled bully stick beef pizzle inside a scrumptious piece of pork skin. These oven baked products are 100% grown and made in the USA with no artificial ingredients added.

My own dogs drooled over both treats. Eventually Chewy wound up with the Bully N Bacon.

A dog in love with his Bully N Bacon

Great for All Size Dogs

The Bully N Bacon is great for all size dogs. One of the things I love, love, love about Jones Natural Chews is that they tell you right on the packaging which size dogs their treats are appropriate for. This one is meant for all dogs. But again, as with the Bully Bacon Twists, Gadget’s tiny Chihuahua (we assume) size mouth can’t wrap itself around this treat. But I know other small mouth dogs that would be all over this. Gadget is just weird. As for the big dogs, I gave them Jones Sausage Sticks so I could take photos of Chewy with this treat. Flash and Patches are all about bacon.

Bully N Bacon? Yes please.

Safety First

Let’s talk a little bit about dog chew safety. No, it doesn’t involve safety glasses. Points if you know what classic show that’s from. Here are Flea’s pointers, given every time I treat a new dog:

  • Know your dog – you know your dog’s chewing ability, so don’t give your dog more than it can handle, either in size or amount – this is why the package indication rocks
  • Don’t give a treat to a hungry dog – treats are meant as rewards or dessert, not as a meal (I know, I know – all dogs act like they’re starving when you have treats)
  • Keep an eye on your dog when you give it a treat it’s never had before


Here’s the good part of the show! Jones Natural Chews is giving one lucky dog its very own Bully N Bacon treat! All you have to do is click on the Rafflecopter below, then follow instructions. Commenting is mandatory. Tweeting daily earns tons of points. Most of our winners this year have won with tweets, so I highly recommend it! Oh, and you must be a resident of the contiguous US to enter. I’ve had some long conversations with the Canadian mail moose, and he refuses to budge. No treats to Canada. Sorry. Enter now! And yes, this is a gently recycled post, but a genuine, current giveaway. If anyone from Jones is reading, what’s up with my email account?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spreading the good chews …


38 thoughts on “Bully Stick Giveaway Your Dog Will Love

  1. Yup, they stay in various classes their whole lives- perfecting skills, holding training accountable, and building a bond. We just got back from agility class tonight =)

  2. my middle child took classes but she was already head of the other dogs in the class. the other 2 gals have not. i have always wanted to do agility or another class with the 2 younger girls.

  3. No LaMancha has never taken any classes. I was going to take him to a training class when I got him at 6 months old but then he needed shoulder surgery soon after and we just never made it to a class and now it’s seven years later.

  4. i like turkey bacon, the low salt, kind but not regular bacon. was never a bacon eater even as a child.

  5. Well, while I know I shouldn’t, I really do love bacon (as do my dogs). We typically use turkey bacon, though, to cut down on the fat. But nothing tastes as good as the real thing!

  6. The Raffelcopter asked me about bacon – I will eat it, like it some but prefer sausage links. Of course Lady Shasta loves bacon or Sizzleleans from Blue Buffalo – Miss Maizie hasn’t had any yet.

    Now if the question is suppose to be about obedience training – Lady Shasta has been in all levels and has her Canine Good Citizen award. I want to do the same with Miss Maizie which I hope I can start on soon.
    Kim Brooks recently posted..This happened then came the #Flashback FridayMy Profile

  7. I like bacon because it gives so much flavor to whatever I’m making this includes grilled cheese, salads, and pizza.

  8. I like bacon if it’s thick cut and lightly cooked, not a fan of crispy burnt bacon. My Boston Terrier would eat a plate if it had bacon residue.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, my dogs would, too. Personally, I like bacon just about any way it’s cooked, so long as it’s not over burnt.

  9. I love bacon but not for breakfast! It tends to bother my stomach if I eat it early in the morning.

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