Boxer, Breed of the Week

Boxer, Breed of the Week

Boxer, Breed of the Week

The Boxer is known as

The well-conditioned middleweight athlete of dogdom

Isn’t that a cool description? The Boxer is a gorgeous dog – strong, intelligent, alert. They’re known to guard their people well, and they LOVE being loved and slobbered on. Okay, maybe not slobbered on. But the Boxer is affectionate and loves kids. Truly.

Boxer, Breed of the Week at Jones Natural Chews

Y’all, I’m reading that Boxers were originally bred for fighting and running down large game. They also are known for standing tall and batting with their front paws, hence the name boxer. I’ll tell you that every Boxer I’ve met has been a real sweetheart.

Boxer, Breed of the Week at Jones Natural Chews

In fact, I spoke with a friend today who had a Boxer for years and it was wildly protective of her and only her. Now her grown daughter owns a Boxer who is as gentle as a kitten and would follow a burglar home, carrying the silver as it plodded along behind. She says this Boxer actually lets the declawed house cat beat it up, thinking it’s a fun game.

Pros and Cons

Dog Breed Info has this to say:

The Boxer is happy, high-spirited, playful, curious and energetic. Highly intelligent, eager and quick to learn, the Boxer is a good dog for competitive obedience. It is constantly on the move and bonds very closely with the family. Loyal and affectionate, Boxers are known for the way they get along so well with children.

Smart dogs. Playful dogs. Not too big or too small. Beautiful dogs. Great for a family with small children, a growing family. Short hair. I’m guessing that, similar to a Great Dane, their hair sheds like handfuls of eyelashes. It’s weird, petting a dog with that kind of fur, having it come away in sheets.

What’s the down side of owning a Boxer? If you read yesterday’s post, you know that we’re gearing up for Christmas puppies, asking people to be informed before bringing home a dog, which means knowing the potential crazy of a dog and how to appropriately prepare. Dog Breed Info says this:

They are extremely athletic, sometimes even in their old age. This dog needs to go on a daily pack walk. Daily mental and physical exercise is paramount. Without it, the Boxer will become high strung. This breed requires a dominant owner. Training should start young and be firm and consistent. The objective in training this dog is to achieve pack leader status.

Be the pack leader. Unlike last week’s breed, the Shih Tzu, you can’t afford to let the Boxer run the home. They can’t handle it. Please don’t do that to a Boxer. Start young, go through obedience training, read up on the breed, find a club in your area if there is one. This handsome beast deserves no less.

One last thing I always ask is, Does this dog slobber? I know that some of you own dogs which slobber something fierce and that’s endearing to you. You know who you are. I just can’t handle it. The answer? It depends on who you talk to. Seriously. So if you can handle slobber, go into it knowing that it might happen regularly with your dog. Or just when they exercise or are nervous. Or your Boxer may not slobber at all. If you can’t handle excessive drool, you may want to rethink the Boxer.


And what kind of treats are best for the boxer? You knew I was going here. The Saddle Knuckle is a great treat for them, being perfect for medium to large breeds. The 7″ Natural Center Bone is probably a good choice as well. Keep in mind, all Jones Natural Chews are 100% all natural and completely made in the USA.

Even better, for training this energetic beast, our very newest treats would be perfect – the Beefee Snapz or Chickee Snapz. Some lucky dog will win their very own Snapz! It could be you! Simply click this sentence, scroll down, and follow the directions in the box to make your dog smile!

Well! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Boxer a little better! I hope you have too!

Spreading the good chews …


P.S. Today’s post is gently recycled. I do hope it helps in your decision making if you’re considering this breed.

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  1. I love Boxers. We had a Boxer mix when I was young and he loved to play with us kids outside. One thing I have noticed about some people I’ve met with purebred Boxers is they tend to get excitable. I have a Lab so I know how difficult dealing with an excitable dog can be. Is this a common trait in Boxers or just my limited observation?

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