BlogPaws Coffee 2017

BlogPaws Coffee 2017

BlogPaws Coffee 2017

It’s Wordless Wednesday and I’m at BlogPaws, the official home of Wordless Wednesday! I’ve had my BlogPaws coffee 2017. What does that mean, you ask? It means that I sat at the cafe this morning, here in the Sheraton Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. And said hello to some of the best people on earth. And their dogs. I’ll show you!!!

BlogPaws Coffee with Bowie of Deaf Dogs Rock!
Hi Bowie! Come out of that stroller!

Christina, of Deaf Dogs Rock! is here with Bowie, an adorable deaf Boston Terrier. He’s obviously in a little dog stroller, which is pawsome.

BlogPaws Coffee with Bowie of Deaf Dogs Rock!
Bowie, what are you looking at? Is it my coffee? Is it? Huh boy? Who’s a good boy?!

I have T-Gadge (my Cajun version of Little Felted Gadget) with me, and Bowie wanted to know ALL about this weird little dog that didn’t smell right.

Bowie and T-Gadge at BlogPaws 2017
Bowie wants to get to know T-Gadge better. A lot better.

Then Jon Farleigh and Elizabeth, Chronicles of Cardigan, showed up. Turns out Jon doesn’t like stuffed dogs at all. But he’s still the handsomest beast in the entire Corgi world.

Jon Farleigh at BlogPaws 2017
“A fake dog? No thank you. That’s not real. That puppy, Bowie, may not know the difference, but I do. It’s not real. Get that thing away from me. Away. I SAID AWAY. Now.”

I do love me some Jon Farleigh.

Jon Farleigh at BlogPaws 2017
I truly do love me some Jon Farleigh.

And say hi to Emmy the Pet Sitter! She let me bunk with her last night. We went to supper with Jan of Justice for Pookie.

The Good Flea and Emmy the Pet Sitter

Well, that’s about all I have time for this morning. Look for me @JonesChews on Instagram today. There will be dog photos. And friends!! And, as always, I’ll be representing Jones Natural Chews!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. glad you had a safe trip, hope you have a wonderful time. it is a nice area. lots to do.

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