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Today’s BlogPaws post is a rerun from my very first BlogPaws, since I’m still healing from surgery a month ago, and this year’s BlogPaws is next week. Some days are better than others, but my focus factor is still off. I’ll post an update at the bottom.

We’re playing catch up today. We’ll start with Blog Paws, since it’s been nearly a week and I haven’t filled y’all in. Ready?

Cute chick at Blog Paws
This cute chick attracted scads of people to the booth.

I don’t have a whole lot of pictures, which is unlike me. I didn’t attend any workshops, or even keynote speeches. I was lucky to make it to meals without being kicked out of the dining hall. Even then, I only had breakfast in the dining room.

Chicks at BlgoPaws
A cute chick in a cage – everyone wants one.

It’s difficult to sit quietly in a classroom or auditorium when you’re trailing a cage of peeping chicks. Five peeping chicks. Not only is the noise a distraction, people turn and want to hold a chick. Speakers frown upon those kinds of distractions.

Free to a good home

Why did we have chicks at Blog Paws? Suzy thought it would be fun, since I feature these guys here frequently.

Black chicken
Legolas is nearly three months old, has black legs and beak and tiny bits of copper in her chest feathers. She’s a Black Sex Link.

Just for fun. And it was! I hope that you all stopped by and held a chick. Besides the noise and distractability factor, I couldn’t leave the booth because there was a steady stream of people coming by to hold and photograph the chicks.

I’d be lying if I said the chicks were the only reason people stopped in.

Labrador loves Jones Natural Chews
Jenks, a yellow lab, likes everything Jones Chews has to offer.

Jenks was a repeat customer, coming through again and again and choosing his own chew. Jones Natural Chews was a Blog Paws sponsor this year and dogs were fanatical about the booth.

Jones booth
Look! It’s my Suzy manning the booth! She’s pretty much amazing. I hope you all played the five second game with her!

It was more fun than I can tell you, meeting so many of you in person, meeting many of your gorgeous dogs. Dogs like Pixel:

Sweet dog
Pixel is just as sweet in person as she is on the blog.

And this ADORABLE Corgi from Chronicles of Cardigan!! *squeeeeee*

Cute Corgi
This Cardigan Corgi convinced me that I NEEEEED a Corgi!!!

There was even a HUGE rabbit!

Giant rabbit
This Flemish Giant is about as docile as rabbits get, traveling in a stroller.

It was an amazing weekend. 🙂


I saw my oncologist yesterday for the first time in nearly two months. He says I’m healing well. He wants me to start my six months of chemo ASAP, so I’ll be asking the surgeon next week how soon that can be. But the doctor threw out the week after the 4th of July as my start date, which is perfect. All my BlogPaws company will be gone and home, and my sister and her family will have visited and gone. Perfect.

The nurse says that about halfway through the chemo process, they’ll probably take a break and do a CT scan to check for wandering cancer cells. She says, because two of the lymph nodes still had live cancer cells when the surgeon removed things, that the lymphatic system may be compromised. That’s not what I wanted to hear, but we’re going to do what we have to do.


Last, but NEVER least, click this sentence to open a new window with the Dino Bone giveaway, scroll down to the Rafflecopter, and click for instructions on how to enter! The contest ends this weekend, so do it now! And tweet daily to improve your chances of winning!

Spreading the good chews …


25 thoughts on “BlogPaws and More

  1. I am so proud that your peeps are sending over treats to OK. That is super special. Glad you had a great time at Blogpaws! I have to be on the lookout for it next year!

  2. Flea, being able to help you and care for the chicks was a great experience, as was meeting you!! Anytime you need a surrogate chick-mom, I’m your gal!!! 🙂

    PS: The treats that you gave me were all mostly donated to a pet-food pantry in the area, and dogs that don’t get wonderful treats, will have them to enjoy!!! THANK YOU for your generous donation that made that possible!!!!
    kim wiff recently posted..The FlockMy Profile

  3. I remember the year Mum took me and Gracie to BarkWorld, we had so much fun!!! But I could go to the seminars because I’m a barker (sheltie, you know :). We’ve been thinking a lot about those poor pups (and others) in OK. So many amazing stories, and such heartache.
    Johann recently posted..The snake that bit me!My Profile

  4. Omgosh those chicks are SOOO cute. Why were you giving them away? Did you just have too many at home? I would have loved to take one home 😛

    Your JNC booth looks wonderful and I’ve always wanted a corgi too. How I ended up with my big, black mutt is beyond me.
    Kat recently posted..Custom Dog Portrait Giveaway!My Profile

  5. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while, my email subscription hasn’t been working. But I’m not followiong you on Bloglovin so should be back to normal now!
    Misaki recently posted..taking a dipMy Profile

  6. We did play the five second game and loved it! You had a great booth and the chicks were a great draw. BTW, I just wanted to say that the Jones canvas tote that all the swag came in is the best give away bag I ever received. It’s nice and big and I loved the zippered pouch. Just sayin. It was great meeting you!!
    Jodi recently posted..This ‘N That Thursday ~ May 30, 2013My Profile

  7. Un jour à la fois, Flea. That’s French for you’re gonna kick the s#^t out of that nasty c-word! I’d kick it for you with my big ole’ flabby leg, and then stomp it and set it on fire and throw nail polish remover on the flames if I could. :/

    I (along with many others) will miss you next week. Boo. But you enjoy your company, and your family and critters and stay cool. Dewi and Jon Farleigh will be doing the same (except they don’t have any critters, unless you count the possible scabies mites that they got from the foster dog, but I’m trying to kill those before next week).

    One day at a time. Will be thinking of you lots!
    Elizabeth Keene recently posted..Broken Chihuahua on Way to Wellness: Perfect Nutrition Meets Mange #GrainFreeForMe & LeleMy Profile

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