Beef Knuckle Giveaway

Beef Knuckle Giveaway

Beef Knuckle Giveaway

It’s a beef knuckle giveaway from Jones Natural Chews, and your dog is sure to smile! What does a beef knuckle look like? Why would your dog want one? Well, take a look …

Jones Natural Chews beef knuckle giveaway

As to the why, for starters, all dogs want Jones Natural Chews. Of the hundreds of dogs I’ve met and offered chews to, it’s an extremely rare event that a treat is turned down. On the occasion that it is, usually the dog will take to the treat after I leave. Some dogs are just shy. Here’s some more why, from the mouth of Jones Natural Chews.

This all-natural Femur Knuckle is dipped in natural liquid smoke and oven baked. It is Jones’ largest knuckle and with no artificial ingredients, this is best for medium to large size dogs. The soft knuckle material is a delicious treat and will leave a hard bone underneath for longer chewing. The Femur Knuckle is the large end of the beef femur bone in the hind leg. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

All natural. Grown and baked in the USA. Meaty beef bits covering the bone. Two ingredients – natural liquid smoke and a meaty knuckle bone. Oh my dog, what’s not to love?!? Ask Tatiana, a Great Pyrenees guardian dog.

Jones Natural Chews beef knuckle giveaway

Is the Beef Knuckle Right for MY Dog?

Is it? Well, let’s see. Does your dog have a beef allergy? No? Then the beef knuckle is right. Does your dog have sensitive teeth which crack when chewing hard bones or treats? Then the beef knuckle is not right for your dog. Is your dog a medium or large size? Then the beef knuckle is right. Is your dog small? Y’all, Chewy, my 13 pound lapdog, has been gnawing on his femur knuckle for the last three days. It makes him very happy. But small? Here’s small.

Jones Natural Chews beef knuckle giveaway

I’m not saying buy knuckles for your cat. I am saying don’t shoo the cat away if it’s interested. Cats love and need plenty of protein. There’s a ton of beef still clinging to this beef knuckle.

Get to the Good Part

Oh yeah. The giveaway! For the next twelve days we’re hosting a giveaway for a Jones Natural Chews beef knuckle. Some lucky dog will stumble away (they’re heavy, y’all) with a beef knuckle of its very own! Your dog wants to be that dog. Because right now? Your dog is begging like Tatiana.

Jones Natural Chews beef knuckle giveaway

Sweet thing. What you don’t see is that she dropped the beef knuckle in short order. It really is a dense bone, baked with moisture in the oven to keep it from becoming brittle. That gives it the near density of a raw bone, and also makes it as heavy as raw. It didn’t keep Tatiana from enjoying her bone. She sure loved it!

Since you’ve waited and read so patiently, here’s the skinny on how to enter.

  • Click on the box below and follow the directions
  • The most important thing is leaving a comment, then clicking that in the box
  • Must be a resident of the contiguous US to win
  • Must enter before midnight CST March 19, 2017
  • Tweeting daily (you’ll see that option in the box) greatly enhances your chances of winning

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That’s it! Click, people! You’re dog expects nothing less.

Spreading the good chews …


22 thoughts on “Beef Knuckle Giveaway

  1. I would say I am my dog’s favorite person. She follows me around when I am home and if I am out of her sight she starts running around the house looking for me. I better be her favorite person I am her mommy LOL!

  2. My dogs have a favorite person in Grandma cuz she brings treats in her pocket when she comes to let them out. My gang loves knuckle bones by jones.

  3. I am the food lady so when it is dinner time, they gather around as if they can tell time! One dog prefers me and the other dog prefers my husband.

  4. Princeton follows me everywhere but he’s all about Nanny when she’s here cause he used to be her dog

  5. Ebby has a favourite person for every occasion. Her Boy, because he’s her Boy, Dad because he gets up in the middle of the night when she has to “go” (more like “go” see what’s going on in the neighborhood and to smell the flowers, chase a frog…) and me, the person who will wrap her up when she’s cold and give her love when the Boy is away at college.

    Yay for no brittle!!

  6. Wow that knuckle is huge! Yum! My dogs would love it. And yes the dogs have a favorite person and it’s ME! I’m the Mama, they know all good things come from me.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. My sister has 2 dogs and when I visit they both love when I come over! Maybe if I win I could bring them a treat!

  8. I want to say that my dogs favorite person is me! But my dog is such a lovey-dovey thing he loves everyone!

  9. i am my 3 gals favorite person. however, when Evie was younger and my mother was alive, i think my mother was her favorite person. my youngest, anyone who loves on her, is her favorite person at the moment. however, my 3 gals are very attached to me. if we are at the vet or someplace and i walk away, if they hear my voice or smell me they get excited.

  10. I think my husband and I are Logan’s favorites……. and he loves us equally LOL When he plays ball he will give it to my husband to throw a few times and then bring it to me a few times and all over again 🙂

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