Bed Hog Dogs, FBM 216

Bed Hog Dogs, FBM 216

Bed Hog Dogs

Happy Funny Bone Monday! I don’t know about you, but daylight savings time has knocked me for a loop. I guess I’m a morning person, and I don’t like that it’s still dark when I get up, now. I’d like to go back to bed, please, but there’s just too much to do. Like let the dogs out. Speaking of beds and dogs (yeah, I’m subtle), do you have bed hog dogs? Our first clip doesn’t involve humans. And it made me smile. Enjoy.

Hunny and I share a king sized bed and I feel like that at night. This is MY bed. Let me sleep, already. The next video isn’t bed hog dogs, but bed hog cats. Why do cats have to take up all the space?

I do love the relationships between most of these cats and dogs. Precious.

Next up, bed hog dogs who feel like the rest of us do about daylight savings time.

Oh geez. Now I really want to go back to bed. Please? But should I go to bed with my dogs? Or without?

We slept with our dogs for years. From our first Australian Shepherd, to our little dogs, they had a place on the bed. But my cancer diagnosis changed that. Hunny didn’t want our sleep disrupted. I’ll be honest – two little dogs at night were a pretty major disruption. I miss them in the bed, the little bed hog dogs, but I also don’t. Do your dogs sleep in your bed?


That’s right. It’s giveaways, plural. We have two concurrent giveaways for Jones Natural Chews! The first, the official one, can be found by clicking this sentence, then you’ll want to scroll down and follow the instructions in the box. That giveaway is for a giant, meaty beef knuckle. Your dog wants it. It told me so.

The second giveaway (shh! Don’t tell my boss!), is for surprise treats! Jones Natural Chews is rolling out their new treats this week at Global Pet Expo, so I can’t tell you what the treats are until next week. Just rest assured that your dog wants them, sight unseen. Yeah, they’re that good. So click on this sentence, scroll down in the new window, click on the box, and do what it tells you to. It’s for your own good, so your dog will continue to love you. Just trying to help.

Now go give your dog a treat! Make sure it’s a Jones Natural Chew. For cryin’ out loud – why would you have anything else in the house?

Spreading the good chews …


2 thoughts on “Bed Hog Dogs, FBM 216

  1. Four out of our 5 dogs sleep in bed with us. It gets cramped at times and then I venture to the couch. I love the dogs in bed with me and can’t sleep if their not there.

  2. this is a big yes for me. all of my 3 gals are big hogs. when i got my oldest, i cant tell you the number of times she pushed me on the floor and i have a high bed. all 3 gals like to sleep touching me, laying on top of me, the youngest used to sleep on my head. they all have to be under the covers as well. luckily they are small, however, sometimes i have no room to even turn over. i miss them if they are not there though. they keep me warm in the winter.

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