Barking Dog – FBM, 74

Barking Dog – FBM, 74

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic is the barking dog. Why? I have an extra dog for a couple of days – some of you might remember Scout:

Silly Affenpinscher
Scout the Affenpinscher never closes his mouth. With his crooked head and his notched tongue, he’s a wonder to behold.

and four dogs in the house means a lot more barking dogs. All the time. Seriously, the two big dogs are currently in my room. Scout and Chewy are attempting to determine male dominance. It’s a good thing they’re both so cute.

Sweet Affen
How could you resist such a cute face?

None of the dogs sound like this when they bark, but I sure wish they did.

Is it a French Bulldog thing? Because it’s ADORABLE.

And what does four barking dogs in one house sound like? A lot like this.

And because this isn’t his house, Scout barks at everyone who comes in the door or down the stairs. Everyone. Except me. Everyone is a stranger. It’s a lot like this.

That jump starts Chewy. Then Flash.

Smiling Aussie
Flash is smiling here, waiting for a treat from Jones. He was barking thirty seconds earlier.

I might seriously have to try this next with Flash. He’s a speaking dog, so he’s naturally verbal. Barks all the time. This would be a cool trick.

I guess I can be grateful he doesn’t bark like this:

Here’s to a great Monday! Please come back tomorrow when we’ll have the monthly treat giveaway! Yummy Jones chews for your dog! Jones makes dogs smile, naturally, and if you don’t find them at a pet or feed store near you, pop over to Natural Dog Treat Shop and take a look at their monthly specials.

Until I write again …


12 thoughts on “Barking Dog – FBM, 74

  1. OMD… some of the sounds coming out of those dogs! Rita barks quite a bit (protecting her domain!) but luckily nowhere near as much as the annoying barky dogs across the canyon from us!

    (BTW… your header looks crazy-big to me – like, taking up my whole huge screen of my PC. I’m using Firefox – don’t know if that makes a difference?)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: My Momma Experimented on Me!My Profile

  2. Mom gets so embarrassed by us sometimes. We can really be loud and we have heard from neighbors that when Mom is gone they hear us howling and it is pitiful, or Mom has been out alone and heard us from a block away inside the house howling/barking. We love to hear ourselves and we are pretty sure the neighbors appreciate our voices as well.
    Emma recently posted..There’s Something Fishy In My Pool!My Profile

  3. Mom says when hers pulls in the driveway at night and we hear the car horn honk it sounds like a kennel at ours house, bark bark bark bark bark….we are saying wesa loves you lots mom.
    stella rose

  4. I sometimes howl when I’m alone, but mummy and daddy have never heard me so they think I don’t. But I love to sing the song of my ancestors:-)
    Misaki recently posted..Auction fun!My Profile

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