Bark Burgers Giveaway

Bark Burgers Giveaway

Bark Burgers Giveaway

Oh my dog – you are going to LOVE our last new treat from Jones Natural Chews! Y’all, I did save the best for last. They’re Bark Burgers!!! Like our Woofers, ONLY BETTER. Okay, I’m not gonna lie – the Woofers are single ingredient treats, which makes them pretty much the best thing ever, but these new burgers? They don’t crumble! Let me tell you all about them!!

Bark Burgers, the latest from Jones Natural Chews
I love that these Bark Burgers snap or tear easily into smaller pieces

Bark Burgers Beef Blend

These new Bark Burgers come in two flavors – a chicken blend and a beef blend. We’ll start with the beef blend, the darker colored Bark Burgers. Here’s what Jones Natural Chews has to say about them.

Jones has created an all natural beef burger for your dogs’ enjoyment, twice as thick as our Woofer. Bark Burgers Beef Blend is a soft, chewy, yummy treat for all size dogs. As always our products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

Got it? All natural. All USA grown and made. Thick, soft, chewy. Just ask my dogs what they think of them.

Bark Burgers, the latest from Jones Natural Chews
Patches is half blind now. She snatches the Bark Burger from my hand and nearly takes off my fingers. Then begs for more.

Now for the ingredients:

Beef, beef lung, glycerin, cultured skim milk, natural mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract

Were you counting? That’s six ingredients. The first two ingredients are beef. That’s a pretty amazing meat treat for dogs. Let’s move on to the chicken treats.

Bark Burgers Chicken Blend

The Bark Burgers Chicken Blend is just as yummy as the beef, according to my four dogs. The description is almost exactly the same. But with any kind of chicken treat, there are always going to be more ingredients. It’s a chicken thing. The dogs don’t mind a bit. And they’re still 100% all natural, and completely grown and made in the USA. Check out our ingredient list:

chicken, oat bran, glycerin, cultured skim milk, liquid smoke flavoring, natural mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract

SEVEN INGREDIENTS, PEOPLE. That’s it. Seven. For a chicken treat? That’s GREAT! Check out what my crew has to say about these fantastic new treats.

Bark Burgers, the latest from Jones Natural Chews
“You had me at Bark Burgers” That’s what they have to say.


Can it get any better?! It can! And it does! We’re hosting a giveaway of BOTH treats from Jones Natural Chews!!! Your dog is drooling right now just thinking about it. Look. I’m right, huh? So what do you have to do to enter? Well, the inital entry is super simple. Leave a comment on this post, click that box just below, and click “I Commented”. Easy to do. But if you want to step up your game, you’ll tweet about it every day (using that same box), follow our Twitter account, and visit our Facebook page. Tweeting makes the biggest difference, and it’s all about just clicking a button. Your dog will thank you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My work here is done. Well, not really. A social influencer’s job is never done. But the fun part sure is! You enter, your dog will smile, and I’ll get on with my day, m’kay? πŸ™‚

Spreading the good chews …


25 thoughts on “Bark Burgers Giveaway

  1. my dog will come over to my boyfriend and I and just stare at us until we give him something!

  2. My terrier mix, Ella, isn’t very affectionate but I always know when she wants a treat or is hungry because she will jump on my lap and give me a kiss πŸ™‚ sometimes it’s just an air kiss but I guess that still counts LOL

  3. my 3 girls always want treats. they just look at me, follow me when i have food, go to the kitchen, go to the cabinets where i have their treats stores.

  4. She will stare at me with a little wimper till I ask her if she wants a treat….then she gets all excited and runs to the kitchen jumping at the counter top where her treats are kept…

  5. My girl, Kyoko, would eat treats all day long if I let her. She just gives me that “look”. As for my boys, Kenji isn’t that into treats (although he likes meaty ones so I know he’d love these) but Seiji likes them and will come and sit by me and offer me his paw for no apparent reason when he wants a treat.

  6. She sits by the cabinets that she knows has her treats in them and gives you the puppy dog eyes so you give in and give her one LOL!

  7. Mia ALWAYS wants a treat, but I think she’s gotten too skinny so I’m happy to give her all the treats she wants!

  8. Oh they love to go to the cupboard where the treats are and wait until you see them πŸ™‚

  9. Our dogs don’t let me know. They are on a treat schedule. We give them a treat after they come inside on the last bathroom break in the evening.

  10. Layla sits and stares at me with soulful eyes till I feel guilty and give her one LOL, She knows how to work me well, plus she is a big big fan of Jones treats

  11. I have a small heavy plastic chest with 4 drawers that I keep almost all of the dog treats. Lady Shasta has learned well that this is where the dog treats are kept and will go to it and sniff around it – if she sees that I am not watching then she barks. Even Miss Maizie can be found sniffing around this little chest.

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