B is for Breeds

B is for Breeds


A big thanks to Jackie, at Pooch Smooches, for today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge idea. The hope, with this challenge, is to find new blogs, and new readers, so introducing you to the concept of what happens here at the Jones Natural Chews blog is important up front. One of the things I talk about weekly, or nearly so, is dog breeds.

Cute Affenpinscher puppy
Chewy, the noble Affenpinscher, in his natural habitat – the living room, on the couch

I’ll be sprinkling in photos I’ve taken over time while talking about what the posts entail.

A Beagle waits patiently for a treat
Belle the Beagle loves her a Jones Natural Chew.

Typically a breed post will introduce readers to a specific dog breed, though we’ve discussed mutts here in the past. I talk about the specific traits of a given breed. Size, disposition, coat, etc.

Gracie the Chihuahua likes to cuddle
Gracie is a friend’s Chihuahua mix.

I talk about the pros and cons of owning the breeds. Things like grooming, life span, disease, socialization, energy levels.

What can't I come in?
Sadie, the German Shepherd, is carrying her new hoof.

I also talk about the treats I think each breed might be partial to. Since I attempt to only discuss breeds which I actually photographed, I’ve usually given that dog some Jones Natural Chews and have an idea of what they might like. And Jones is great about labeling most of their treats with the size range of dogs which they’re suitable for.

Cute little Pug
Meekah. An awfully cute Pug.

And since Jones Natural Chews are all natural and made in the USA, it’s only a matter of determining which treat your dog will like best!

Blue Heeler
Kato is a Blue Heeler mix and was just a pup here. I’ll be seeing him again today!

Bottom line? I want each dog owner, each family, to be educated, know what they’re getting into before introducing a new furry family member to the clan. That little Dachshund or Maltese may be the cutest puppy ever, but is it the right dog to grow up with small children?

Daffy the wire haired dachshund
Silky looking, Daffy was quiet and sweet. The long haired Dachshund is gorgeous.

And that Great Dane might be adorable, but will it make a good apartment dog? How long will it live? What are the health concerns?

Blue and white Great Dane
Is this not the most handsome Great Dane you’ve seen all week?

The Australian Shepherd is a sweet little ball of fluff and energy now. Will it ever calm down? How much training and work will it require over the long haul?

Six Weeks Old
This Aussie pup about did me in. CUTE!!! Only six weeks old.

And how much responsibility should your children have in raising the dog? Is it really fair to make that a stipulation in keeping any pet,  to require the child do the bulk of the work? Is it fair to the child OR the dog? No. Decidedly not.

So that’s what breed Wednesday posts are typically about. I’ve included links to the posts I’ve written in the past about the breeds pictured here. You can also search, below, for specific breeds. If I haven’t covered a breed you’re interested in, I always recommend both the AKC site and Dog Breed Info. Good coverage between the two.

And don’t forget to enter the treat giveaway! Your dog will smile.

EDITED: Vlad and Barkley’s Dee’s comment below is important when considering breeds!

Until I write again …


15 thoughts on “B is for Breeds

  1. When picking breeds, also people need to now check with their home or renter’s insurance companies. We had no idea that our insurance company had breed bans until we turned our first house into a rental. In fact, our insurance company wants our renters to be dog-free. Period. But the bans we’re restricted from even having in our OWN home are German Shepherds, Dobermans, Akitas, Rotties, Chows and this broad sweeping statement: “Pit Bulls AND Pit Bull types.” Yeah. I loved that last description when I heard it. Those bans had been on our policy for several years, and we knew NOTHING about it. We were lucky (because I’d thought about getting GSD’s like I grew up with). The Michael Vicks of the world have penalized so many of the rest of us to a depressing point. When your other options of GOOD coverage are over $1K more, it’s just not an option to get in a snit and fight it by changing insurance companies. So do yourself a favor and check w/your insurance company before you get denied coverage if something happens.

  2. I used to memorize dog breeds from a big encyclopedia at home when I was a kid. I was determined to be a veterinarian until my mum decided otherwise. I met a great dane once, same as my height on his four legs. I was scared, but touched his head to boast in front of my sisters. Turned out to be sweet massive dog!
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