Manic Monday, FBM 250

Puppy kisses a Jones Natural Chew on Manic Monday

Manic Monday It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. Christmas is less than a month away. It’s Manic Monday. And if you and I are Facebook friends, you may have seen that Belle went to the emergency vet yesterday, increasing my own mania. Belle was suddenly lethargic, stumbling, stiff joints. If you saw the video I did … Read more

Little Dog and Flea Update

Cindy asks for more Jones Natural Chews

Before we tackle the little dog issue, know that this gently recycled post is fairly recent. I’ve been taking inventory, lately, of things for which I’m thankful. Most of us do that this time of year, yes? It may seem obvious, but it hit me like a two-by-four between the eyes – I’m thankful to … Read more

Giving Thanks for Humor

To steal or not to steal - Jones Natural Chews - Giving thanks for humor

Giving Thanks for Humor is a gently recycled post. I’m always thankful for humor. Aren’t you? Giving Thanks for Humor Today, Thanksgiving Eve, I’m giving thanks for humor and photos and Jones chews. Not necessarily in that order. It’s also Wordless Wednesday. Woohoo! Here’s a glimpse of a couple of dogs that I’ll be featuring … Read more

Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees

Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees It’s no secret that I’m moving to the country soon. Soon-ish. Hopefully. There’s always a delay. And we’re prepping for that move, purchasing things which we’ll need. Recently we purchased a rugged type of golf cart for maneuvering on our ten acres with bags of feed. No way am I … Read more

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