Funny Dog Videos

Petey in the pool

Well hello Monday! Have I got some funny dog videos for you! Yes, I’ve searched the web far and wide to come up with clever and amusing dog videos. This being Monday and all. Because honestly – who doesn’t need a good chuckle on a Monday? New dog tricks are always fun. Did you see … Read moreFunny Dog Videos

5 Things I Learned at BarkWorld

Poop Bag

Only 5 things I learned at BarkWorld? Surely there’s more! Yes, but I know you all. You’ll wander away before I’m done. Squirrel!  Everybody stands for something. If you don’t, you should. Bloggers need a platform, and I’m having to choose mine. Yes, I blog for Jones Natural Chews, so we had a conversation about … Read more5 Things I Learned at BarkWorld

iPad experimenting

I’m sitting with my newly employed Hunny (YES!!!!), doing the great iPad experiment. We’re trying to figure out how to blog from this bad boy without my technologically inept self freaking out all over the place. Using the WordPress app (which gave me no end of grief till Hunny pressed a button. One little button. … Read moreiPad experimenting

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