Cute Dog and Kid Videos

Mustaches all around

Y’all, we certainly do have some cute dog and kid videos today. This first one is SO dog. What a tenacious hound! At least he retrieves lost gloves, eh? What kind of dog is he? He reminds me a little of Blueberry. This next? The baby’s laugh makes me nearly wet myself laughing. Though I … Read more

Treats Aren’t Just For Dogs

Mary Ann and Ginger are contained

Don’t believe that treats aren’t just for dogs? Pay attention. Our chickens, Mary Ann and Ginger, are greedy pigs. They love anything you bring outside. If they see you carrying something, the girls will fly onto your shoulder. Or lap. If they hear a crinkling noise, they’ll jump in your lap. One of the few … Read more

Senior Dog Adoption Month

Pretty older dog

We’ve been talking about Christmas and prepping for puppies, deciding what breed is best for you, but I’d like you to consider something else – adopting a senior dog. This is senior dog adoption month, after all. The ASPCA lists ten reasons why you should consider adopting an older dog. It’s a great list. Imma … Read more

Funny Hunting Dog Videos

Because I spent so much time with deer hides this weekend (sore and blistered, but so cool), I thought today would be a great day for funny hunting dog videos. Sit back and enjoy! That poor pup never saw the deer coming, eh? This next is funny and sad. Made me laugh, though. Little Maymo … Read more

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