Dog Agility Trials are Coming to Tulsa!

Border Collie Tube

Yessiree Bob! Tomorrow I will be heading to the Tulsa Expo Square to photograph, talk to owners, to pet dogs, generally luxuriate in the bazillion dogs gathered for the AKC National Agility Trials here in Tulsa! Dog agility taken to the max! And what does that mean for y’all? First, and I’m being horribly honest … Read more

Big Paw Jerky and a Weimaraner

Eating Big Paw Jerky

Stay tuned for the Pup Light winner to be announced at the bottom of today’s post! Allow me to introduce Libby, a five month old Weimaraner. Libby graciously agreed to try Jones Natural Chews’ Big Paw Jerky for today’s post. Wasn’t that sweet of her? I didn’t get a piece of the jerky out of … Read more

Funny Bone Monday 14, Weimaraner

JNC Pig Ear Snax mean listening dogs

You lucky dogs! We’re having Weimaraner week here at Jones Chews blog! AND … I unveil the winner of the Jumbo Bone at the end of today’s post! Does it get any better? Let’s jump in with fun Weimaraner videos! Subscribe if you’re addicted to Funny Bone Monday, please. 🙂 How many of you remember … Read more

Product Review, Pup Light Collar and Giveaway

JNC Pig Ear Snax

I was MIA yesterday – my apologies. But my car and phone are both in working order now. Stay tuned for baby chick photos at the end of the post! Today I’m reviewing the Pup Light collar, an LED light up collar which is quite bright, designed for a long haired dog, made for long … Read more

Breed of the Week – Bloodhound


IF YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED THIS MONTH’S GIVEAWAY, RUN, DON’T WALK, AND LEAVE A COMMENT ON YESTERDAY’S POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A HUGE BONE, OR BIG PAW JERKY!! This week’s breed – y’all, are we going to run out of breeds at some point, or will I have to move on to designer … Read more

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