So There’s a Chicken in My Bathroom, Etc.

Eggs are good protein, even for chickens

So there’s a chicken in my bathroom. It’s driving my dogs a little crazy. I thought y’all would want to know how Bon Bon is doing, yes? Yesterday she was sleeping all the time and it had me worried. I’ve never brought home a fully grown chicken. Desperate, I bought a honeydew melon and sliced … Read moreSo There’s a Chicken in My Bathroom, Etc.

Bull Terrier, Breed of the Week

Watchful Bull Terrier

Y’all, I met the prettiest Bull Terrier this week! She comes with a story, which I will tell tomorrow (subscribe to the blog if you think you’ll forget to come back – this story is worth hearing). Let’s get a good look at the pretty girl: Reba, a handsome specimen, bounced around like a rabbit. … Read moreBull Terrier, Breed of the Week

Jampacked Jawzers Make Dogs SMILE!

Red and white bull terrier

Well that’s a cheesy title. But it’s true! Y’all, I forgot to post the winner of last week’s giveaway, so I apologize. Kirby the Dorkie is the winner! He has chosen the Jampacked Jawzers to give his little jaws a workout, as well as to keep his teeth and gums healthy and clean! Congratulations, Kirby! … Read moreJampacked Jawzers Make Dogs SMILE!

Funny Bone Monday, 18

Australian Shepherd

Happy Funny Bone Monday, everyone! I hope everyone brought their hands today? Do your dogs have their hands ready? They don’t?! Psh. There’s something wrong with your dog if its hands aren’t ready. Check it out: Yes, I chose dogs with hands as today’s theme. If I could have gotten the non-laugh track version, that … Read moreFunny Bone Monday, 18

Springtime Dog Maintenance

Debonair Dog - Favorite dog photos with Jones Natural Chews

Isn’t that a silly title? As if your dog is a car and needs a tune up or an oil change. Seriously, though, have you given thought to your springtime dog maintenance? What’s that, you say? What on earth does that mean? Most of us probably do this without thinking about it as springtime dog … Read moreSpringtime Dog Maintenance

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