Funny Bone Monday 9

Entertaining the Pit Droids

Happy Funny Bone Monday, everyone! Today’s Funny Bone Monday is all about dogs and football! Did you watch the Super Bowl? The Puppy Bowl? I didn’t watch either. It was a nice evening. First video – two cute dogs on a football field, interrupting a game. Not that kind of football? That wasn’t what the … Read more

Dog Treat Preview

Patches and Lamb Lung Puffs

*SQUEEEE* UPS stopped at my house this morning with a box of dog treats! Next week I’m trying something a little different – LAMB! And this morning the box came. Are you ready? Are you? Because I’m going to do a dog treat preview! Next Tuesday – always Tasty Tuesday here at Jones Natural Chews … Read more

The French Bulldog

French Bulldog

This weekend I visited the proud parents of two French Bulldogs. I knew virtually nothing about the French Bulldog before meeting these two cutie pies. Oh my dog – ADORABLE. So much energy and slobber packed into a cute little bundle of power! One of the two was impossible to photograph – they were in … Read more

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