A Morning with Dogs and Chickens

Time to go

My mom stopped by for a minute this morning. She brought sweet Honey, my favorite Shih Tzu, of course. Hence we had a morning with dogs and chickens. I had a million things to write about this morning. Honey sidetracked me. She sidetracked all of us. My boy: My boy who didn’t get up in … Read more

Darth Vader is Ready for Snow. Spring, Go Away!

May the Fourth be with you

I am so jealous. All of my bloggy friends are having wonderful winter snow and we’re not getting ANY in Tulsa. Wah. Seriously. And we are so ready for snow! Darth Vader is ready for snow. The chickens and ducks are ready for snow. Alright. I lied. The girls are ready for spring. They’re tearing … Read more

Jones Natural Chews New Treat Roll Out

Taffy Snapz! Dog Candy

Jones Natural Chews has a new treat roll out every year in February, displayed at the Global Pet Expo. This year’s new chews promise to be dog favorites. The first offering from Jones is The Other Ear, an alternative to the pig ear we all know and love. The Other Ear is almost identical to … Read more

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