K9 Bacon Roll ROCKS

Terrier mix

Have you tried a Jones Natural Chews K9 Bacon Roll? Well why not? They’re delicious! I’ll tell you a little secret – I haven’t tried them either. The K9 Bacon Roll is for dogs. Y’all knew that. A friend of mine came to visit a couple weeks back, at my request, bringing her new baby … Read moreK9 Bacon Roll ROCKS

Funny Bone Monday, 23

Sweet Shih Tzu

Happy Funny Bone Monday, everyone! I’ll be announcing our giveaway winner at the bottom of today’s post, so stay tuned! First, my mom’s knee replacement went really well. I’m tempted to post a photo of her scar, but am afraid you all won’t find it funny. Heck, I don’t find it funny, but it is … Read moreFunny Bone Monday, 23

Blog Paws and More

Sleeping gosling

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY FOR A TREAT, GO DO THAT  NOW! THE DEADLINE IS TONIGHT!! It’s This’n’That Thursday. A little of this and a little of that and everything in between … I have a lot of little this n that’s to catch up on this week. Like Blog Paws! That’s next week, … Read moreBlog Paws and More

Blue Heeler, Breed of the Week

Kato and mom

THE TREAT GIVEAWAY IS OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT, MAY 9th! COMMENT NOW TO HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN! Today we’re going to learn, together, about the Blue Heeler. If you’re anything like me, your knowledge of dog breeds is somewhat limited, based on the dogs you grew up with or have read and heard about. There … Read moreBlue Heeler, Breed of the Week

K9 Bacon Roll and Rib Roller Giveaway

Jones Natural Chews Giveaway

Oh my dog! I have had NO END of trouble with this blog today! I am SO SORRY for getting this post out so late! GAH. My amazing friend Karen, at Simply Amusing Designs, was generous enough to find the problem for me and tell me who to contact and what to say. Evidently it’s a … Read moreK9 Bacon Roll and Rib Roller Giveaway

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