Dog Photo Shoot for Jones Natural Chews

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

Dog Photo Shoot One of the most fun elements of my job is the dog photo shoot. Happy Wordless Wednesday, by the way (thanks BlogPaws peeps!). Wordless Wednesday gives me a great excuse to do a dog photo shoot, then edit and create. Today I’m just going to walk you through what that looks like … Read more

Beef Knuckles for Dogs

Beef Knuckles for Dogs from Jones Natural Chews

Beef Knuckles for Dogs Beef knuckles for dogs – are they right for your dog? We’ll look at several factors today. Size of your dog Splintering factor Additives Allergies Teeth sensitivity If you’re wondering why, given any factors, you should give your dogs bones, they provide excellent dental benefits, as well as great satisfaction for … Read more

Bed Hog Dogs, FBM 216

Of course dogs are allowed to sleep in the beds at La Quinta- bed hog dogs always get the best spots

Bed Hog Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! I don’t know about you, but daylight savings time has knocked me for a loop. I guess I’m a morning person, and I don’t like that it’s still dark when I get up, now. I’d like to go back to bed, please, but there’s just too much to … Read more

Surprise Treat Giveaway

It's a dog party!

Surprise Treat Giveaway Shh! We’re having a surprise treat giveaway! Don’t tell my boss! And here’s the fun part – I can’t tell you what the treats are! What good is a surprise treat giveaway if I ruin the surprise? Here’s the deal – next week is the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. No, I … Read more

Many Different Knuckles

Keeshond checking out a Jones Crown Knuckle

Many Different Knuckles Jones Natural Chews is giving some lucky dog a knuckle soon (entry info at the bottom of the post), but did you know that there are many different knuckles? The knuckles we’ve been showing this week on the blog are very large, perfect for big dogs. But there are knuckles which are … Read more

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