Pomeranian, Breed of the Week

Pepper Pom

Pomeranian, Breed of the Week Pomeranians are little dogs, purse size dogs. A Pomeranian is a sweet dog. Mostly. I met a super cute one just last week. Today’s post is gently recycled – I’ve met some super sweet Pomeranian’s since the writing of this post, as well as some yappy brats. As with children, … Read more

Juggling Flaming Torches

Roy G. Biv, the name tag said

Juggling Flaming Torches Some days are smooth sailing. Other days are like juggling flaming torches. Know what I mean? Then there are months of juggling flaming torches. I’d rather be juggling Stuffed Hooves, quite frankly. Twenty five years ago I learned to juggle. Thankfully, the clown teaching me used squares of tulle, which is light … Read more

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