Breed of the Week – Weimaraner

Weimaraner wants a treat

Breed of the Week – Weimaraner The breed of the week is the Weimaraner, a medium sized hunting dog. Some of y’all might know this breed via Goose, or because of Sesame Street. He said ironically. I think this took place at Hogwart’s. Y’all didn’t know there were Weims at Hogwart’s? Me either. What is … Read more

Livestock Guardian Puppies

Livestock Guardian Puppies Did I promise y’all a story about my Livestock Guardian puppies? Y’all, meet Belle and Shipley. Their dad is a Great Pyrenees, a working dog in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and their mom is a Pyrenees mix, on the same farm. The Livestock Guardian puppies were raised to twelve weeks with goats, pigs … Read more

Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, Melissa

A boy and his dog - best friends - dogs of Jones Natural Chews

Dogs of Jones We have a new occasional feature for Wednesdays called The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, for lack of a better title (feel free to brainstorm titles in the comments). Wednesday has traditionally been dog breeds, but I’m running out of local breeds to photograph. Rather, breeds I haven’t already featured. And the … Read more

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