Visiting Jones Natural Chews

Wild ducks like treats, too

Visiting Jones Natural Chews Today is the second part of the road trip I took when visiting Jones Natural Chews headquarters for the first time. We’re celebrating our fifth blogaversary for Jones, so I’m revisiting the very first blog posts from five years back. We’re also giving some lucky dog their very own treats, if you’ll … Read more

What Does All Natural Mean?

Is that a Jones Natural Chew? What does all natural mean?

What Does All Natural Mean? Today’s post is gently recycled, but I’ll be amending parts to reflect my and my dogs’ journey since writing. This is one of my first blog posts, in celebration of our five year blogging anniversary. I’ve battled cancer since then, and am on a different health journey now. But I … Read more

Funny Dog Treat, FBM 233

These ARE the treats I'm looking for - Jones Natural Chews funny dog treat

Funny Dog Treat Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic is funny dog treat – weird, huh? It’s been too long since our funny dog videos revolved around treats, and treats are what we do. This month, especially, celebrating our five year anniversary as the official blog for Jones Natural Chews, we want to enjoy the … Read more

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