And the Winner Is …

And the Winner Is …

The Goofy Dog Contest got off to a great start, but hit a snag when the server went wonky. My apologies! But we had three entries for goofiest dog, and all three qualify for Monday mischief, I think.

First, Roxy the Traveling Dog‘s sister, Torrey, put in a goofy appearance:

Gorgeous Australian Shepherd
Torrey! Ladies don’t sprawl like that! But you’re a cute thing, so we’ll allow it this one time. πŸ˜‰

Isn’t Torrey a doll baby? And not that I’m biased or anything, but Torrey, is just GORGEOUS. Just sayin’. Y’all check out Roxy’s blog. She participates in Monday Mischief, and I’m pretty sure her human is an artist. How cool is that?!?

Second up is Tammy’s baby, Max! Max, according to Tammy, is a dog only a mother could love. Really? Is there any such thing? Doggies are made to be loved! Judge for yourselves, friends.

Max, the Goofy Dog
Max! Is that a ball in your mouth?! Max! Gimme the ball! Drop it, Max! WOOF!

Now how could we not love sweet Max? Max and Tammy live in central Florida and I’ve known Max’s mama practically forever. Hi Tammy! Squishy hugs to your boys!!

Third to the party is Karen’s newest baby, Jack! With his little pig.

French Bulldog
Jack, the French Bulldog, munches on a non-approved treat. Give that dog a Jones Natural Chew!

Karen and I go way back to my early blogging days. She has Corgis and Boston Terriers – I had no idea that Bostons came in brown and white – and a whole house full of children. Visit her blog and tell her Flea said hi? Karen also makes really cool t-shirts. And is just beginning to collect French bulldogs, like Jack, here. Karen, does Jack drool or slobber? He’s gosh awful cute, but drooling puts me off a dog right quick. Please tell me he doesn’t drool?

Thank you all for entering the first annual Goofy Dog contest! And a huge thanks to everyone who just stopped in to say hello. Now for the winner!

The random number generator says that Tammy is our winner! Congratulations, Max! How exciting for the pup!

What that means for Max is that he and his mom get to head to Jones Natural Chews product page and choose any treat he wants! Tammy, also pop over to their link on how to choose the right chew, to make sure Max gets a treat that is just right for his particular amount of dogginess. Then, Tammy, send me an email with your mailing address and your treat of choice – flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com. I’ll have the sweet people at Jones Natural Chews get Max’s fun treat right out to y’all!

Now y’all get hoppin’ and pop over to visit Roxy and Jack! When you’re done there, spend part of your Monday laughing at other dogs getting into trouble of every sort by hopping through the Monday Mischief crew! (I start with Snoopy’s blog) And thanks again for playing!

Until I write again …


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