All Jones Chews in One Convenient Place

All Jones Chews in One Convenient Place

All Jones Chews in One Convenient Place

We interrupt our usual blog routine for an important special announcement: ALL JONES CHEWS ARE NOW IN ONE CONVENIENT PLACE.

Yes, it’s true. Jones Natural Chews prefers that you buy your chews from an actual store – their heartbeat is the brick and mortar, the mom and pop stores – but we understand that our chews are not carried where everyone lives. So for those of you who ask, “Why aren’t there Jones chews where *I* live?”, we have an alternative. Natural Dog Treat Shop!

Natural Dog Treat Shop
Sad Turtle is sad that she can’t order any treats from Natural Dog Treat Shop. It’s okay – I told her I’d order some for her. Lack of fingers and thumbs can be so depressing.

Pros and cons (y’all know I’m all about the pros and cons – jump in with your own if you think of some)

Shopping In My Pajamas?!?

Come on. Don’t act all indignant. Most of y’all already shop in your pajamas. It’s called Amazon. Now there’s a site where you can do this exclusively with all Jones chews.


  • There’s no Jones distributor where you live, so stores near you don’t carry their products
  • You don’t have to leave your house at all!
  • Even if there is a store near you carrying Jones chews, they may not carry all the chews and your dog just HAS to try the ones the store doesn’t carry
  • Shop in your pajamas at three AM
  • Natural Dog Treat Shop has contests! And photo galleries! And discounts! All the time! WOOHOO!
  • Everything is organized and easily accessed

But I WANT To Take My Dog Shopping!

Relax. Your dog can go to Home Depot with you. It’s all going to be okay. Breathe …


  • You can’t take your dog with you shopping – I mean, your dog can be sitting with you on the couch while you shop, but it can’t sniff the treats and pick one out
  • You can’t have your treat immediately
  • You can’t truly appreciate the awesomeness of the treat because you can’t touch, heft and smell it yourself

For instance, the Jumbo Bone – until you’ve hefted three plus pounds of cow femur for yourself, you don’t truly appreciate the massive size of this bone. Seriously. Or until you’ve held and poked at the Bandit’s Bone, comparing it to other name brand stuffed center bones, you don’t appreciate how fully packed that bone is, with no shrinkage or air pockets in the filling.

Liza and the stuffed bone - long lasting dog chews
This beautiful Bull Terrier in Tulsa, Oklahoma, still needs a home with no other pets. She’s a sweetheart.

So swing by Natural Dog Treat Shop and say hello. Look through the delicious treats. Oh, and subscribe to this blog. 🙂 Then order to your heart’s content.


In the meantime, while you’re thinking of browsing all Jones chews on the site, you can enter our giveaway for the Strap Sticks! Your dog will be over the moon happy. Strap Sticks are new from Jones, a long lasting beef ligament that’s great for your dog’s dental health, and completely consumable. Just click this sentence, comment in the post which will open, click the box to click “I commented,” and all is right with the world. Your dog’s world. Which is all that really matters, huh?

Spreading the good chews …



24 thoughts on “All Jones Chews in One Convenient Place

  1. We love all natural products! Will have to go and check this out!
    We tried to enter the contest too and it wouldn’t let us upload a photo 🙁 Will try again!

  2. You could always store all those tasty snacks at my place and I would be happy to eat, I mean sell them out of my basement for you…my sister is a guard dog so safety is also covered…just thinking…like a dog! Since they are all natural I am guessing it would be ok to shop without my collar on sometimes…the au natural me? I will check that site out.
    emma recently posted..Mom’s Trickery | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  3. We are pleased to make your acquaintance (friends of Lady Shasta’s Mom and saw you on her blog today). We will check those out. I’m a senior Lab Rescue mix and I LOVE treats but have a fussy stomach and can’t eat the fakey food.

    Abby T. Lab in Chicagoland with her paw-rents LB and EJ

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