A Great Time with Dogs

A Great Time with Dogs

Sorry to miss yesterday. Traveling makes for an awkward schedule at times, but a great time! Speaking of a great time, have you entered the Chewer’s Gift Christmas treat giveaway yet? Your dog will have a great time gnawing and chewing on these treats!

The Woofermen were guarding their treats by night

I’m in Duluth, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, and am having a great time with dogs! Just yesterday I hung out with a set of foster parents. Foster parents I met nearly two years ago when I adopted Chewy. Chewy’s foster mom and dad did an amazing job training him and loving him. I appreciate that more than I can say, so when I get the chance to reconnect, I bring her dogs Jones Natural Chews. Chewy’s siblings are two Italian Greyhounds. Beautiful babies. Throw Gadget in the mix and they’re all about the same size.

Having a great time with dogs in Georgia
A great time with dogs

The dogs played hard in the wet yard. Leaves are falling here. The countryside is gorgeous. But the dogs don’t care. They’re happy to see each other after a year. To play hard. And maybe you’re asking, “Did Chewy remember his family? Mom, dad and dogs?” The answer is yes. Definitely. He was with them for a long time.

Chewy and his first mom, reunited again
Chewy and Taylor

Reunions are grand. We had a great time with the dogs.

A family/friend dog time
Flea, Chewy, Taylor, Frankie, Justin and Bennett

Well, it’s time to get back on the road. Louie the French Dog, his mom and I are heading south again, going to Stone Mountain to hike, then on to the Loews Hotel in midtown Atlanta, attending BarkWorld! I’ll be checking in with y’all via Facebook and Twitter, so if you don’t follow @JonesChews on Twitter, or our Facebook page, what on earth are you waiting for? While you’re at it, enter the Christmas treat giveaway, will ya? It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally.

Until I write again …


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