Great Dane Stole My Heart

Great Dane Stole My Heart

A Great Dane Stole My Heart

Y’all, I just had to recycle this post. Yesterday was my 50th birthday. I’m reminiscing. You’ll see, at the bottom of this post. And today I’ll be driving all over the outlying towns of Tulsa, looking for a house. So we’re not homeless come November. So while you’re reading about the Great Dane which stole my heart, I’m going to be frantically searching for our next home. Paws crossed!

A Great Dane stole my heart last night. Blue is gorgeous. Lookit.

Blue and white Great Dane
Is this not the most handsome Great Dane you’ve seen all week?

This is a This’n’That Thursday blog hop, sponsored by 2 Brown Dawgs, and I had to lead with Blue, the Great Dane.

Standing Dane
Look at this stance! I’m swooning. Right now. True. But I didn’t get to give him treats.

Hunny and I were visiting friends last night, when one of their neighbors stepped out of the garage with this handsome Great Dane on a leash. I made Hunny stop the car so I could jump out and pet him. His owner tells me he’s a year and a half old. The entire time I was petting him, Blue was trying to put his paws on me and was mouthing me the way Great Danes do, with their giant soft mouths. I melted all over the sidewalk. Then Hunny called me away. Before I had time to pull Chicken Taffy out of my purse. 🙁

Weird Things are Afoot at the Circle Cinema

In other news, my boy, Squatch, and I went to a book signing on Tuesday. Weird Al was in town for the day, signing copies of his children’s book (which is adorable). And because his movie, UHF, was filmed here 25 years ago, Tulsa was the only city where he ALSO had a film showing, then Q&A. We had tickets.

I hope you brought your spatula
We’re patiently waiting for Weird Al Yankovic, spatula in hand.

We hung out at the Circle Cinema downtown for half the day, which means we were starving. Fortunately they were serving food. I use the word food rather loosely.

Twinkie Wiener Sandwich, breakfast of champions
The Twinkie Wiener Sandwich made it’s debut in UHF, Al Yankovic’s film

Al, or George, makes this Twinkie Wiener Sandwich for his best friend in the beginning of the movie. We had to try one. The wiener was hot. I took photos of my boy’s face as he was eating it.

Not sure about Twinkies and hot dogs together
OM NOM NOM – hmmm …
Maybe it's not the best choice for dinner ...
Lick that Cheez Whiz off your mustache, boy
I don't think he liked it.
And there ya go. Not so much.

Yeah. It tastes exactly like it sounds. The Cheez Whiz was the perfect topping. Please don’t ask me to eat another one.

The Man, the Legend, The Genius of Weird Al

But we weren’t there for the Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. We were there to meet Al and have things signed. Squatch wanted his top hat signed, the one he and Hunny made. Here he is with Al.

Weird Al Yankovic and my boy
My boy, Squatch, with Weird Al Yankovic

And do you know what my boy did? He had Al sign the hat to ME!!

Top hat signed by Al Yankovic
Yes, This handmade top hat has been signed by Al Yankovic. Imma wear it every day. For at least a week. Maybe two. 😉

I have the best boy in the world.

Okay, so I have to prep you for my photo with Al. I went fan girl, in that I froze up and said maybe three words. And I looked up at the guy taking the photo, not at the camera. And I wore a weird Hawaiian shirt instead of something I knew I looked good in. And I pulled my hair up because I was playing with it the entire time I was in line. Oh, it was horrid. Until this moment.

Me and Weird Al!
*SQUEEEEE* This is me with WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!!!! Can you believe it?!?

Yeah. That. My entire bucket list in a moment’s time.

One more thing –

Jimmy the duck ignoring me
Jimmy had a little too much cracked corn this morning

And I don’t care …

Spreading the good chews …


15 thoughts on “Great Dane Stole My Heart

  1. Ah, a brush with fame! It’s always so fun to get in our 15 minutes! Weird Al still looks pretty young. Since he has been around a long time, I had to look up his age. He was born only a month and a half after me! LOL!
    Taryn recently posted..A Break in the ActionMy Profile

  2. Oh that hot dog would have meant heaven for us, pig and canned cheese all at one time…is there anything better in life Flea…well…maybe…..
    I am so glad you got to take something off your bucket list, mom says the only thing in her bucket list that she can get to is apples….which are waiting for her to cook, i am sure that will turn out to be an interesting story…..
    Mom remembers Weird Al and she is older than you.
    We loved that beautiful great dane!!!
    stella rose

  3. Hmmmm…twinkie plus hot dog, very interesting… I’d probably at least try it – but I think I prefer to stick with the traditional bun. But I can see how the salty/sweet thing would make for an interesting, if not delicious combo!

    Al IS alive! Lol – you look like you are about to burst with happiness sitting next to Al!
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Thoughtful ThursdayMy Profile

  4. Thanks so much for participating in TNT!

    This was a great post. Love the picture of fan girl you with Weird Al. He looks the same after all these years. Y’all eat some weird stuff there. Fried pickles and a Twinkie with a hotdog and cheese whiz. LOL the ultimate movie food.

    ps thank goodness Hostess was rescued from bankruptcy. What would be the Twinkie substitute? lol
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

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