5 Habits of Successful Dogs

5 Habits of Successful Dogs

Today we discuss the 5 habits of successful dogs. What is a successful dog? you ask. We’re going to compare and contrast to successful people and see how it plays out. Maybe we’ll both understand successful dogs when we’re done. Right up front, though, a successful dog is one which wins the Jones Natural Chews Beef Saddle Bone in the current giveaway. 😉

Beef Saddle Knuckle from Jones Natural Chews
Beef Saddle Knuckle from Jones Natural Chews
  1. According to Keep Inspiring, Successful people read a lot. Well, successful dogs read a lot, too. They read labels. Do you know what ingredients are in your dog’s food? In their treats? Successful dogs know that the more ingredients they can pronounce, the better the food. My poor dogs can’t pronounce much. But they sure can eat a lot. Especially treats. So it’s a good thing most of their treats are single ingredient treats.
  2. Business Insider says that one of the habits of successful people is that they have a definite purpose. The same is true of successful dogs. A good dog, a well-behaved dog, a happy, content dog, is one with a job to do. A successful dog has a job which is geared to its abilities and breeding, even if the dog is a mutt. Great Pyrenees need to guard. Rat Terriers need to hunt mice. Australian Shepherds need to herd.

    Pyr Shep at the Tulsa AKC Dog Agility Championships
    The Pyrenean Shepherd is a working dog, an agility dog.
  3. Levo says that successful and wealthy people wake up early. Successful dogs agree with this. The early dog gets the treat, right? The early dog gets walked before mom goes to work. The early dog settles into its day once all the tough stuff is out of the way. Then the early, successful dog can sit in the window and protect the home from drifing leaves and chattering squirrels.
  4. Inc. says that successful people let go of their past. This is also true of successful dogs. They let go of their past, whether they were abandoned or abused, rescued or bought, successful dogs move forward and love with all their hearts.

    Australian Shepherds Agility
    Agility dogs let go of their past and WIN.
  5. And according to the great Stephen Covey, the master of successful habits, one must put first things first. Successful dogs put first things first. “First things are those things you, personally, find of most worth.” That, for my dogs, would be Jones Natural Chews. Naturally. First things for my dogs would be potty, food, treats, pets and chasing the cats. Probably in that order.

I hope that this helps your dog in its venture to become the best dog it can be. My dogs are already the best dogs they can be, but the whole definite purpose thing could be refined a little more.

Now! If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to pop over to the Beef Saddle Knuckle giveaway post and enter to win! The saddle knuckle is a GREAT gnawing treat for most dogs, with a rounded end, awesome for teeth and gum health. Your dog is waiting for you to enter. In fact, entering to win will make your dog smile. Naturally.

Until I write again …


5 thoughts on “5 Habits of Successful Dogs

  1. this is cute, i do read the labels on everything i eat as well as what i give my 3 gals. my girls would rather have food first then potty, barking the deer and then lovin’ from mom.

  2. Do you think that’s a good treat for hard chewers? I never let her have it for too long because she’s hard core, but she does love to chew and it’s nice to find 10 minutes without her underfoot. LOL

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!

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