3 Dog Treat Things, FBM 163

3 Dog Treat Things, FBM 163

3 Dog Treat Things

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Before we jump into videos, I have three quick dog treat things to throw out there.

  1. I’ll be announcing the winner of the Soft Taffy Chicken Blend contest at the very end of this post
  2. Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a new dog treat giveaway, so definitely be here!
  3. After our fun dog videos, I’ll tell you about a great gift Jones Natural Chews gave me, which will benefit my local friends

First, the Funny Dog Videos

In relation to all 3 dog treat things, today’s videos are all about dogs and their treats! I’m going to maintain, with this first one, that as beautifully trained as his dog is, it would have been that much harder if the treats were from Jones Natural Chews.

I know y’all have seen this next one, but it just KILLS me. Laugh with me?

Last, we meet a good boy. Truly, a good boy.

A Gift from Jones Natural Chews to Tulsa

Someone at Jones Natural Chews loves me very much. Yesterday Hunny went into our favorite feed store and found Jones! Aplenty!

Jones Natural Chews at Southern Agriculture in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Y’all, Oklahoma has been a black hole for Jones for so long. We’re carried in Atwoods and Tractor Supply, but they’re both a bit of a drive. So we were SO EXCITED to see this huge display in the Southern Agriculture at 71st and Sheridan here in Tulsa!!

Local friends, do me a favor? Pop into Southern Ag and buy a treat? Tell me what they have! I can’t go in right now, stupid cancer. And then, take a selfie with the clerk and your treat and send it to me! I’ll post your photo here. Especially if you send photos of your dog enjoying the treat! The labels will tell you if the treats are appropriate for larger or smaller dogs. Thank you!! And thank you Jones Natural Chews! This is almost as good as that giant box of amazing chocolates I’m still working through!!!

Our Winner

The winner of the yummy chicken taffy for dogs is …

Sandy Weinstein!

Congratulations, Sandy! Send me your address and Jones will send you some great treats!

Now, that’s it. Y’all shoo. It’s Monday. We’re done laughing and playing. Get back to work. But before you do, give your dog a Jones Natural Chew! It’ll make ’em smile. Naturally. And stay tuned, tomorrow, for another giveaway!

Spreading the good chews …


2 thoughts on “3 Dog Treat Things, FBM 163

  1. I’ve seen the first two before. They crack me up every time. Since then, I’ve taught Maya and Pierson how to balance treats on their noses. They only catch the treats about 40% of the time, though. Still working on it. 🙂

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