Why Your Dog Needs a Duck

Your dog needs a duck. Face it – you’ve been thinking this for a long time. I’m the only person brave enough to tell you straight up – your dog needs a duck. You might be asking yourself the question, “Does my dog really need a duck?” Friend, yes. And let me tell you why,… Read More »

ToteTails Custom Dog Themed Tote Bags (*squeee*)

Secret about the Good Flea – I’m a tote bag addict. Soap you knew. This you did not. So when I came across (thank you, Kimberly!) a start up company, ToteTails, which makes custom dog themed tote bags, and was looking for bloggers willing to write reviews, I was all SIGN ME UP. And this… Read More »

Flea’s 8 Photos of Happiness

Emma the GBGV, and Bernard of Dog and His Boy, both tagged me in the 8 Photos of Happiness, begun by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet. Here are the rules: 1. Thank your nominator(s) and link to their blog(s). 2. Link to the creator of the event. 3. Post your eight photos of happiness.… Read More »

3 Truths About All Natural That Every Dog Owner Should Know

It’s Tasty Tuesday, and today we tackle 3 truths about all natural that every dog owner should know. It’s a pretty broad label, and there are always questions about it. Here’s how the USDA classifies Natural: Natural. As required by USDA, meat, poultry, and egg products labeled as “natural” must be minimally processed and contain no artificial… Read More »

Dogs and Dolphins, FBM 133

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we watch funny videos of dogs and dolphins. There are actually two types of dolphins – mahi, which is the real dolphin, a fish, and delicious; and porpoise, which is a mammal. So these videos are full of dogs and porpoises. I love this first dogs and dolphins video. Give… Read More »