Unskippable, FBM 143

Waiting for his human

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s theme, thanks to GEICO, is unskippable! Hunny sent me the first funny dog video, and I laughed and laughed and laughed. I think you will, too. Oh, and I’ll be announcing the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Bow Wow Boo Bucket at the bottom of today’s post, so hang … Read more

How to Use Dogs to Stand Out

Purple Poodle

Today is the last day of the Bow Wow Boo Bucket giveaway! Enter now! Or don’t enter now. Wait till you’re done reading this post. Then enter. Or enter now! How to use dogs to stand out I get this question all the time from people – How do I most effectively use my dog … Read more

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Sweet Lab with her very own kitten

Make me a match. Sing along! By a show of hands, how many of you are matchmakers? I consider myself a matchmaker when it comes to relationships of all sorts, but primarily friendships. I’m not just a relationship matchmaker, but I match people with stuff. All kinds of stuff. Need a table? I know someone … Read more

A Day of Dog Faces

Give us the treats and no one gets licked

It’s Wordless Wednesday, a day when I try to use as few words as possible in celebration of the Blog Paws blog hop. I’m never successful at being wordless. Let’s try again today with a day of dog faces, shall we? I saw this gorgeous Australian Shepherd at the barrel racing competition this weekend. Poor … Read more

Lambly Links are in the Bucket

The world's most fascinating dog

Happy Tasty Tuesday, a blog hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kolchak Puggle! Today’s tasty treats are the Lambly Links from Jones Natural Chews, and they are in the bucket! No no no – not a KFC bucket. They’re in the Bow Wow Boo Bucket! And this is the last week to enter … Read more