Treatment Nine in the Books!

Sit! Stay! Eat this Windee Ring from Jones Natural Chews!

Treatment Nine is Done! Woohoo! Treatment nine is over! Only three left! Only, I’m not as excited about all of this as I used to be. But this is not a whine-fest. Let’s look at the positives, yes? I’m three quarters through chemo This is my second chemo, and hopefully the last of all treatments, … Read more

Jones Natural Chews

Family and friend

Jones Natural Chews Jones Natural Chews! Instead of talking about treats today, I’d like to tell you a little about Jones Natural Chews, the company. First, how did the Jones family come into the meat business? The Jones history as meat cutters and butchers in the USA can be traced back fifteen decades to Stephen … Read more

Bullmastiff, Breed of the Week

Bullmastiff loves mommy

Bullmastiff This week’s breed is the Bullmastiff! I have a little story to go along with the photos. See this handsome fella? He was in my mom’s front yard one morning this week. She left home to walk her own dog, Honey, and this Bullmastiff was outside, playful and sweet. When she got home, he … Read more

Unscheduled Oncology Visit

Beefy Straight Crown Outtakes

Unscheduled Oncology Visit I’ve decided to stop apologizing for my cancer updates here. I had an unscheduled oncology visit yesterday and want to tell you about it. Not because I need to share details with the world, fulfilling some kind of morbid hole in me, but because I’ve been blogging for Jones Natural Chews for … Read more

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