Best Friends, FBM 172

Dog grooming

Best Friends I have some of the best friend in the world. Locally, online, all over the country – my friends are absolutely the best. And this weekend, some of my best friends came to visit. College friends, going back 30 years, and we’ve stayed in touch all this time. In fact, one of them … Read more

Little Dog and Flea Update

Little dog and Flea updates

Little Dog Update First, thank you all for your suggestions on how to solve the food problem with the little dog, particularly Gadget. A recurring suggestion (both here and on Facebook), was Merrick’s canned food. I’ll be shopping today, so I’ll try that. Another suggestion was a high fiber treat just for Gadget, so all … Read more

Asking for Advice

Good dogs wait their turn for Rabbit Entree' Jerky from Jones

Asking for Advice I need advice. I have these two cute little dogs. One has rear end issues, documented here, so he needs soft food. It’s the first time in my life I’ve fed dogs soft food. I hate it. It’s been a struggle for over a year. Funny thing is, it’s not so much … Read more

Dog Grooming in Spring

Dog grooming

Dog Grooming Dog grooming is a specialized skill. You may not agree, but roll with me here. Grooming a dog properly takes time and energy. Larger dogs are a handful just to get wet and soapy, then rinse (which is why we use Chubbs bars). There’s nail trimming, ear cleaning, fur trimming (if it’s the … Read more

Treats for a Large Breed Puppy

Treats for a large breed puppy

Consumable Treats for a Large Breed Puppy I swear, I’ve found the perfect treats for a large breed puppy. Two-fold, I’ve got great treats that can be used as high quality rewards, and different treats for teething. Both are consumable treats, and one is our giveaway treat for this second half of the month. If … Read more