Dogs Vs Sprinklers, FBM 180

Loves his new bone

Dogs Vs Sprinklers Happy Funny Bone Monday! Dogs vs Sprinklers is our funny video theme today, because who isn’t dying in the heat right now? In all fairness, storm fronts are sweeping through parts of the country (including Tulsa, OK), bringing slightly cooler air along with them, so it might not be broiling where you are. … Read more

Missing BlogPaws

Charlie wouldn't give me the secret recipe

Missing BlogPaws Most of you know my situation, that I was diagnosed, this January, with stage three rectal cancer. I’ve missed out on a lot this year in the way of dog events. Missing BlogPaws may be the most difficult of all of the events. It’s occurring right now, and, not to be dramatic or … Read more

Choose Natural Chews for Teething Puppies

Natural Chews for Teething Puppies

Why You Should Choose Natural Chews for Teething Puppies Today’s post is guest written by Susan Bewley of Budget Earth How many of you have a new puppy at home? While our latest addition was very unexpected, she was welcomed with open arms, especially by her big sister – Ivi. While having a new puppy … Read more

Venison Entree Sausage Giveaway

Great Pyrenees puppy loves Venison Entree Sausage

Venison Entree Sausage Etrius, a Great Pyrenees puppy about three and a half months old, came to visit this weekend. He heard I had Venison Entree Sausage from Jones Natural Chews, and he wanted to try out his cute look, see if he could score some treats. I hear he’s been practicing the puppy dog … Read more

Squeaky Toy, FBM 179

Etrius, a Great Pyrenees puppy, with a carrot squeaky toy

Squeaky Toy Happy Funny Bone Monday! What dog doesn’t love a squeaky toy?! Okay, so three of my four dogs don’t love a squeaky toy. But Chewy? He’s a fan! As long as the toy is flat with no stuffing. He’ll play with other squeaky toys, but the flat ones are his favorite. Today’s Funny … Read more