Top 6 Holiday Food Dangers for Dogs

Ivi's Dino Bone from Jones Natural Chews

How many of you love having your dogs take part in holiday festivities? If your family is anything like ours, the dogs are involved in just about … well … everything. They love taking part in food, decorating, food, opening presents, and of course, the food. Our dogs especially love when they can help either … Read more

Border Collie, Breed of the Week

Begging Border Collie

Border Collie, Breed of the Week Is the Border Collie the dog for you? Let’s take a close look at this breed and see what makes it tick. First, some basics. The Border Collie is: A herding dog A medium size dog A shedding dog An active dog with a ton of energy Highly intelligent … Read more

5 Dog Treats in the Stocking – Fa La La!

Merry Christmas!

5 Dog Treats in the Stocking There are 5 dog treats in the Jones Natural Chews Canine Christmas Cruncher stocking. As far as dogs are concerned, they’re better than 5 golden rings. I think so, too! Today we’re going to take a look at the 5 dog treats in the stocking. First, a couple of … Read more

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