Breed of the Week – the Pug

Gussie Pug

The Pug I met a snuffly snorting dog yesterday. She was small, compact, friendly, adorable. Couldn’t quite stick her in my pocket, or I might have attempted it. Y’all, meet Coda the Pug. A big thanks to Coda’s dad, who was willing to meet a stranger and let her give his dog treats, take her … Read more

What’s in a Bow Wow Boo Bucket?

The Bow Wow Boo Bucket for dogs - perfect for trick or treating!

What’s in a Bow Wow Boo Bucket? I’m asking this question about the Bow Wow Boo Bucket from Jones Natural Chews because this is a multi treat experience for your dog. It’s not like buying a bone, or a bag of bones. It’s not like buying Beef Liver Taffy, which comes in a back chock … Read more

Temper Tantrum, FBM 193

Bow Wow Boo Bucket from Jones

Temper Tantrum Happy Funny Bone Monday! Does your dog ever throw a temper tantrum? Today we’re going to see videos of some pretty hilarious dogs throwing temper tantrums. The jury is out on whether or not I’d give them a treat for this behavior, much less a Jones Natural Chew. I know I sure as … Read more

Fall Means Shedding for Dogs

Shedding is what dogs do

Fall Means Shedding for Dogs It’s that time of year, when dogs begin to shed. Fall means shedding for dogs. Flash and Patches, having been recently groomed, aren’t shedding too badly right now, thank goodness. The tool I’m about to tell you about is rarely used this last few months, since the senior dogs have … Read more

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