Urban Farming with Dogs

Y’all know we have the equivalent of an urban farm. Urban farming is work, yes, but not nearly as much as a real farm.  Urban farming with dogs is just plain fun. The dogs are quite helpful. So long as I give them treats. We’ll walk through some pros and cons of the entire process.… Read More »

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! Jones Natural Chews are 100% grown and made in America, which is extremely important to us, as well as to your dog. We take Independence Day seriously. We do appreciate each and every man and woman who has left the comfort and stability of their families to enlist in the armed forces… Read More »

Not Even a Treat Will Do

I am the Queen of Treats. This Tasty Tuesday has me admitting that I’ve met a situation where not even a treat will do. And it involves my own dog. The treats we’ve highlighted this month have been the Rocky’s Rollers. I try and have at least one of the featured treats in my purse… Read More »

Prison Dogs, FBM 129

Happy Funny Bone Monday! My mama tagged me in a FaceCrack post about prison dogs this weekend and I thought of y’all. It’s a way cool program in which local pound dogs are paired up with prisoners as a means of rehabilitating and giving purpose to both populations. Check it out. But, um, you might… Read More »