Farm Dogs Love Jones

Great Pyr with a bone from Jones Natural Chews - National Dog Day

Farm Dogs Love Jones Natural Chews Farm dogs love Jones Natural Chews. It’s a proven fact. And they get a little touchy when you forget the Jones. I took my first road trip in months this weekend. It was only an hour and a half away, but we visited our homesteading friends and I brought … Read more

Meat and Bones, Naturally

Dog Jokes and dog personalities

Meat and Bones, Naturally Just because I know all about what goes into a Jones Natural Chew doesn’t mean that you do, right? It’s meat and bones, naturally. And I don’t use the word naturally lightly. After nearly two years of blogging for Jones – and Jones Natural Chews has been around for nearly three … Read more

Hippy Dippy Weather, FBM 208

Golden Retriever at Westminster

Hippy Dippy Weather We’re not the only ones in the country having hippy dippy weather, are we? Here in Tulsa it was 70 degrees, then nine degrees, then 70, then 30 – all in less than two weeks. I’m thinking we’re not the only ones. And who remembers George Carlin’s comedy sketch, The Hippy Dippy … Read more

Dogs Love Bones, Naturally

Tiny dog, big bone - he's in love

Dogs Love Bones That’s a fact. Dogs love bones. Maybe not all dogs, but most. People don’t typically gnaw on bones the way dogs do, so it might seem a little weird. But it’s just a dog thing. Dogs love bones. And Jones Natural Chews knows what dogs love. We’re currently featuring, and hosting a … Read more

One Bone to Rule Them All

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

One Bone to Rule Them All There really is one bone to rule them all. It’s quiet in my home this morning. I have four dogs – two 55 pound seniors and two 13 pound lap dogs. They’re all noisy creatures. But not today, thanks to the 2″ Natural Center Bone from Jones Natural Chews. … Read more

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