What’s Better Than Puppies?

This puppy gnaws on a Jones Natural Chew beef Knee Cap

What’s better than puppies? Nothing! And what do we give those adorable puppies which make us smile? Why, Jones Natural Chews, naturally! But seriously, when I ask what’s better than puppies, I have a few specific ones in mind. It’s February, and quite a few of you got puppies for Christmas. About now you might … Read more

All God’s Puppies Said Amen!

Ruby's eyes say "Give me my Jones Natural Chews!"

Jones Natural Chews is giving away the perfect gnawing bone for puppies, and all God’s puppies said amen! Take a look at Ruby with her all natural, 100% cow Knee Cap. Ruby, at eight months old, seems to be at least part German Shepherd. She has powerful jaws. In the half hour or so I’d … Read more

Dogs Afraid of Cats, FBM 160

Thanksgiving Cat

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Dogs afraid of cats? Surely not! Well, my friends on FaceCrack have been posting the most adorable dog videos just for me. Laughter is the very bet medicine. And dogs afraid of cats is most fun! Before we jump into the videos, I have to ask – HAVE YOU ENTERED THE … Read more

Show the Love to Your Dog

Show love to your dog

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and it’s time to show the love to your dog. While I’m all about puppies at the moment, showcasing treats for teething puppies, I want y’all to remember the big dogs in your life. Did you know that Jones Natural Chews has Valentine’s Day treats just for dogs? Their … Read more