Brussels Griffon, Breed of the Week

Adorable dog, Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon, Breed of the Week I heard a sentence from my Hunny’s mouth which I never expected to hear. Brace yourselves. He said, “I think I’m of an age where I’d like a lap dog.” (Shh! A Brussels Griffon might be just the thing.) It took me a minute to pick my jaw up … Read more

Gotcha Day for Chewy

Jones Natural Chews? You better not be lying.

Gotcha Day for Chewy Today we celebrate Gotcha Day for Chewy! By celebrate I mean that he gets a couple of extra Jones Natural Chews after his morning nap. But I thought it would be fun, this being Throwback Thursday and all, to torture, er regale you with baby pictures of my favorite little dog. … Read more

Kidding Season, Farm Dogs

Kidding Season, Farm Dogs Welcome to Wordless Wednesday, courtesy of BlogPaws! Today I take advantage of friends (no, not you … or you … you just stop that right now or I’ll report you … or you) and their weekend hospitality. Our homesteading friends are hip deep in kidding season, so we went for a … Read more

What Exactly is The Other Ear?

Did I hear the treat bag open? Treat face

What Exactly Is the Other Ear? A few years back, Jones rolled out The Other Ear at Global. I hovered and listened, wondering what the heck it was. Take a look: Turns out the Other Ear is the pig chin. Pig ears were becoming more difficult to obtain at a decent cost and still be able to … Read more

Giving Birth, FBM 213

Baby Chewy well before his Gotcha Day, helping celebrate Frankie's birthday

Giving Birth Y’all, whether we like it or not, spring has come early to much of the nation. Giving birth is a natural thing this time of year. Birds are building nests outside my front door. The hens have begun laying again, Roadkill is all over the place (critters don’t look both ways during mating … Read more

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