Free Days with George, Book Review

Free Days with George, a book review

Free Days with George, a Book Review A friend, Nancy Hassel of American Pet Professionals, sent me Free Days with George, by Colin Campbell, the story of a man and the Newfoundland which rescued him. So a book review is in order. Up front I’ll tell you two things: I don’t usually care for memoirs, … Read more

Overweight Dogs

At the river

Overweight Dogs Overweight dogs – it’s an epidemic, no? My question is, is it directly related to the size of the owners? (Today’s post is gently recycled, but entirely relevant) When I was a kid, none of our dogs – or cats – were overweight. I don’t recall overweight dogs ever being an issue in … Read more

Silly Goose, FBM 184

My pet silly goose

Silly Goose Once upon a time, I had a silly goose. His name was Ryan Gosling. Say hi to Ryan, everyone! I miss that silly goose. And he lived up to the reputation of geese. What? You don’t know about the goose reputation?! Heh. Do you enjoy seeing other people in pain and misery? Do … Read more