Australian Shepherds – Right Dog For You?

Beautiful red copper tri Australian shepherd

Australian Shepherds – Right Dog For You? Australian shepherds! The dog to have if you’re tres chic! In the know! Or just a geeky mom, like me. Granted, Flash and Patches are not full bred Aussies. Their mama was an Australian Shepherd, and their daddy was the German Shepherd that got under the fence. Our … Read more

Dog Caught Eating Trash, FBM 237

Sad little Gadget swears that he didn't destroy a thing - dog caught eating trash? Not in this house.

Dog Caught Eating Trash Happy Funny Bone Monday! Y’all know I like my themes, and due to recent events in my own home, today’s is dog caught eating trash. I won’t mention the dog by name, since they’re easily embarrassed, and more easily forgiven, but it’s definitely one of my favorite dogs. And what’s so … Read more

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