Big Things Planned

Louie the French Dog

Big Things Planned While I’m recovering from surgery, guest blogger Louie the French Dog stops in to say hello and announce big things planned. Mama says there are big things planned for us next month. The annual pet blogging conference, called BlogPaws, is being hosted in Phoenix from June 23-25. I went last year, with … Read more

Bandit’s Bones Strikes Again!

Bandit's Bones

Bandit’s Bones While I’m in the hospital, I’m recycling a few gently used posts. Enjoy. The Bandit’s Bones have proven to be a huge hit with Tulsa dogs! I had one Bandit’s Bones left, so headed to a friend’s house last night to see what her dog, Lucy, thought of this marvelous center bone. Lucy … Read more

Dogs Eating, FBM 5

Dogs eating

Dogs Eating, the Videos I’m in the hospital, so today’s post is a gently used one from 2013. Pray for me! Dogs eating on Funny Bone Monday? Today I bring you fun videos of dogs and food! Why dogs and food? Because it’s the first Monday of the new year and I am NOT making an … Read more

Dog Dietary Needs

Dog dietary issues aren't lost on Patches

Dog Dietary Needs – Pain as an Indicator I’m in the hospital, so today’s post is a gently used one from 2012. Pray for me! Dog dietary needs are a big deal to some, a non-issue to others. Today is a laid-back chill kind of day here at Casa de Pulga. Mostly because Pulga (Flea) … Read more

Windees Keep My Giants’ Joints Healthy

Windees, the beef trachea, high in glucosamine and chondroitin

Windees Keep My Giants’ Joints Healthy Kelsie McKenzie, Giant Breed Dog Blogger for It’s Dog or Nothing As a giant breed dog mom, I’m always worried about joint health for my Great Pyrenees. From the moment they came home with me, I did everything possible to help them grow up with healthy joints. From carrying … Read more