Happy National Dog Day

Rocky the Jones mascot as artist

National Dog Day Did you know that it’s National Dog Day? You do now! And like an episode of your favorite TV show, when the writers have run out of ideas and/or money, we’re going to have flashbacks to some of our favorite dogs. We’ll start with the cutest one – my Chewy. I seriously … Read more

Planning For a Puppy

Planning for a puppy

Planning for a Puppy Planning for a puppy – do you plan for something like that? Some of you may be considering getting your child, or your family, or just yourself, a puppy for whatever reason. Do you know what you’re getting into? Okay, first, can I just say how much I ADORE Katherine Hepburn’s … Read more

Beefy Straight Crown Outtakes

Beefy Straight Crown Outtakes

Outtakes Every photo shoot has outtakes, yes? Mine sure do, more now than ever. So Monday, taking photos of the dogs and the Beefy Straight Crown for our giveaway (click this link to get to the giveaway), I ran into problems. The first was getting a dog into a box. Turns out boxes are more … Read more

Beefy Straight Crown Giveaway

Beefy Straight Crown from Jones Natural Chews

Beefy Straight Crown Oh Em Dee – the Beefy Straight Crown from Jones Natural Chews is the giveaway your small to medium sized dogs have been waiting for! Take a look! It’s the bottom piece of the beef tibia (hind leg), naturally covered in meaty bits, and dipped in a natural liquid smoke before baking. … Read more

Kiss Your Dog, FBM 188

Chihuahuas kissing in the snow - kiss your dog

Kiss Your Dog Do you kiss your dog? Happy Funny Bone Monday, by the way! Today’s funny dog videos are all about kissing your dog, and we’re beginning with a comedian who got his start on America’s Got Talent, Drew Lynch. He has a stutter, and a service dog. I love watching his dog vlogs, … Read more

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