Gift Guides, FBM 150

Festive Stormtrooper

Happy Funny Bone Monday! So today I’m looking for the best gift guides for the holidays, as well as announcing the winner of the Canine Christmas Cruncher from Jones Natural Chews. I’m looking for funny gift guides, since it’s Monday, but do send me a link to your favorite dog gift guide and I’ll share … Read more

How To Find All Natural Dog Treats

Buck the smiling Boxer loves Jones Natural Chews

All Natural Dog Treats Are Not All Alike As I addressed earlier in the week, there are good dog treats which are cookies, and good dog treats which are meat treats. The all natural label can apply to both. I think it’s important to find dog treats which are all natural, just like it’s important … Read more

My Dog Was Pacing and Panting

Pacing and panting just he night before, my senior Aussie is at the vet

This is a republish of a popular post, running again because a friend’s dog recently had the same issue. Her Layla was pacing and acting unlike herself. Layla lives in California, so friends conjectured that it could be an earthquake pending, or bad weather. Turns out it was construction nearby, the noise, and probably the … Read more

Do You Christmas Shop for Your Dog?

That Pig Ear you mentioned ...

Christmas Shop For Your Dog Do you Christmas shop for your dog? I’ve never been one to Christmas shop for the dogs. They hate hats. They don’t like to wear clothes. The little dogs sleep on top of me, so they don’t need beds, and the big dogs refuse to sleep on beds. Chewy is … Read more

Funny Dogs and Doorbells, FBM 149

Little cows using the Pebble Smart doggy doorbell?!?

GO ENTER OUR TREAT GIVEAWAY! (opens in a separate window) Happy Funny Bone Monday! Because I’ll be reviewing the Pebble Smart dog doorbell after Thanksgiving, I thought we’d look at all the ways dogs and doorbells can go wrong. I’m hoping that by training the dogs to use the doorbell, we can break their habit … Read more