What’s in a Treat?

What’s in a treat? Rather, are all treats created equal? There have been a lot of small treat companies coming up the last few years. Good companies run by good people. Quite a few, the ones I’m aware of, making cookies, or biscuits. Different ingredients, different grains. Treats the owners could make at home when they… Read More »

Wednesday Treats

So! Whadda ya think of the face lift? Y’all, I spent nearly all day yesterday and Monday playing with the blog design. This little guy kept me company. I highly recommend working with your dog. Well, I do and I don’t. I have four dogs. Which means that every time a leaf blows across the… Read More »

Friday Memes

Friends, I thank you. Thank you for your heartfelt compassion after yesterday’s post. While I won’t be getting over the loss of Bosco anytime soon, y’all made my heart smile, easing the pressure some. I appreciate it more than you know. And because I love and appreciate you all (and because I’m doing stupid stuff… Read More »